Nancy Byrd Turner


Solo 1:       De rain been a-rainin’ for a week an’ mo’;

                   It splarshin’ in de gutter, it sousin’ at de do’;

                   It mumble at de winder, it bumble on de eaves,

                   It make long steppin’s in de honey-shuck leaves.

All:             We cyan’t work ‘taters, and we cyan’t thin corn;

                   Dar’s gwine to be a famine, jes’ as sure as you born;

                   Dar’s ‘bleeged to be a famine, no mo’, no less—

Solo 1:       But de Lawd boss de weather an’ de Lawd know bes


All:                                          Mo’ rain, Mo’ res’…

                                                Mo’ rain, Mo’ res’…


Solo 1:       Old Mr. Crow got de croup in his ches

                   Old Mrs. Turkey Hen a-drownin’ on her nes

                   Dey cyan’t be no harvest whar dy ain’t no hoein

                   But de sweet water drummin’;


All:             No use to fret,

                   Set peaceful in de cabin while you got de chance to set;


Solo 1:       De Lawd brung de rain, an’ de Lawd know bes’.

All:             Set right on yo’ backbone and let de Lawd bless


Solo 1:                                    Mo’ rain, Mo’ res’…

All:                                          Mo’ rain, Mo’ res’…