Eldon "Junior" Mosby - 1963
March 8, 1945 - June 10, 2004
Note from Suzie, Eldon's wife

My name is Suzie Mosby, and I was married to Eldon, (aka "Junior") to some of you, for 20 wonderful years.

We met in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I had lived since 1950.  At the time we met, in 1981, my sons, Adam and Mike, were 4 and 6 years old.  Eldon loved them as his own, and everywhere we went, they went.  We married on December 22, 1983.

Just prior to our marriage, I was transferred to a position in U S WEST that required me to work nights.  At that time, Eldon and I decided that he would quit his job and become a full-time Mr. Mom, so that he could be there to ensure that our sons were well cared for.   I became totally spoiled, as the ONLY thing I had to do around the house was cook.  Talk about a deal!!

Eldon was renowned for having the greenest and most beautiful yard in Albuquerque - strangers would stop and comment on it to him when he worked in the yard.  His pet peeve was for there to be even ONE leaf in the yard - we would all tease him and plant leaves just to make him crazy.

Years went by faster than we could blink an eye, and before we knew it, I was transferred to Omaha, Nebraska in 1994.  Our sons moved with us, as well as my father.  My father had severe dementia, and Eldon became his full-time care-giver, as my father lived with us.  This was no easy task and how he did it, I'll never cease to wonder.

My father passed away in 1997, and our sons had long since moved out on their own.  We found ourselves with an 'empty nest' and the real 'honeymoon' part of our life began.  We thoroughly enjoyed each other and our home. We actually live in Bellevue, a suburb to the south of Omaha.  We live 2 houses from the forest, and our yard is always full of deer, squirrels, turkeys, opossums and raccoons. Eldon actually had a 'pet' raccoon whom he named Ernest.  Ernest would come right up to our sliding door on the deck and let Eldon know he was ready for gumdrops and cookies.  Well, Ernest turned out to be Ernestine, as one day she showed up with 5 babies!  They all begged for goodies, too.

We loved going to Las Vegas, which we usually did once a year or so.
But mostly, we just loved being at home and enjoying our life.


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