Alan Fugit & Diane Dugan Fugit - 1963
BIO & Pictures from 40th Reunion
Current Picture of Alan & Diane from January 2012


March 9, 2002

We were married September 4, 1966. Both grads of MU Columbia, Di in 1966 & Alan in 1970, after Army & VietNam.  Three daughters & six grandchildren. Diane taught school, & was a stay at home mom & artist.  Alan has been with State Farm since July 1970. Diane is a professional grandmother & portrait artist.  I will be officially retired from State Farm as of the end of January 2003.  We will now be spending our winters in Florida and our summers at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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An exciting game of Monopoly with the Blackmores in 1967.

 Top row; are Sons-in-Laws Jeff Young, Lance Haight and Mike Parisi holding his & Rebecca's son ,Andrew Parisi.
             Second row; Kristin Young holding son Nate, Di holding Claire Young, me holding Landon Haight, Kathryn Haight holding
             Grant Haight, then Rebecca Parisi.
             The redheaded 7-year-old is my eldest grandson, Jacob Young.
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At Charley & Karen's, January 2003, just prior to retirement...

Alan must have told me what I could do with my camera...?

January 2012 - Captiva FL

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