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Barry Vanlandingham - 2003-09-12
charley, ol' buddy, i'd love to help you.  I really would. but, i'm in angeles city, pampanga, republic of the philippines and i won't be back in the u.s., let alone columbia, till after the re-union.

anybody who has seen my class picture can add forty years of barbed wire and bad roads to it and will know what i look like now.

my bio includes two, not one but two, failed marriages which means my license has been revoked so, now, i live alone except for the dog and the 20 year old maid.  well, and a visitor or two occasionally.   i've been a farmer, furniture salesman, a real estate hog, amateur softball player and college bartender.  i've been a peace corps volunteer, family caretaker, lawn mower, hand holder and, argumentatively, the world's finest underappreciated philosopher

at this point in time, i am following my father's advice:  buy low and sell high.  were he alive today, i would let him know that sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't.  I am beyond sexual antics and fast approaching the need for a high fiber diet. during my last physical, my doctor suggested i quit smoking and get some exercise which i think is standard advice when you reach fifty. but, i asked him if i did those things could he promise me i would live forever, he began to 'back water' so i still enjoy the same vices i have always enjoyed:  sloth and smoking.  as fine a combination as man has ever devised.

i will miss being a part of this re-union as i did enjoy the last one but the wheels of philippine commerce turn ever so slowly and i, always did, hate to leave in the middle of the picture.

my best to you, those i remember and those who remember me.  yr classmate, barry vanlandingham



December 24, 2011

charley, i got the message but ..... i didn't bring old anything here when i came. i have no idea where they might be. it's entirely possible i can send a picture of my wife and son but the thought of reliving my past (even the best parts) seems a bit redundant for me. i am enjoying the twilight years in a way i hadn't dreamed - warm, happy, mobile and, most of all, alive. i can say with (almost) certainty that were i in the states in '13 i would attend the reunion but, as luck would have it, i will need to be here to attend my son's graduation from second grade that year. there are people whom, i expect, would like to compare maturation scars with me but that will have to wait for a more opportune time. my best to you and all our classmates. and, a merry christmas from the warm side of world. barry

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