Bobbi Hunt - 1963
Bio & Picture from 40th Reunion

Bobbi Hunt Everitt - 2003-09-22


Married to Chuck 27 years.  Son Brian Cook 35, stepchildren Todd 39 Marcia 35.

Owner Award Pet Supply (purchased 10/2000)

After being in the Insurance field 25 years, retired, bought a management training company, did that for 3 years, decided we wanted a Mom and Pop operation, so bought Award Pet Supply.

I am now totally about the critters.  Through affiliation with Columbia Second Chance, a no kill rescue, we have found homes for approximately 600 animals in the last 3 years.

I have a second chance dog “Joe” in picture with me, he is now 90 lbs.  A humane society puppy “Puddin”, who was to be put down for being vicious….not!  Also have a parrot and cats.  We have an unbelievable staff simply because they have critters and are devoted to them.  My Manager and assistant have both been with us 2 years and aren’t planning on going anywhere, which is key to a retail operation, which normally turns employees over 2 to 3 times per year.  Our weekend staff consists mostly of first year vet students, our first two just left for their 4th  year and found us two first years to replace them who will be with us 2 to 3 years.  We have one 4th year vet who still comes back on weekends to help, just cause she likes us and our store operation.

I am very excited that in this day and age, I can still have a business that cares about our clients and operates on trust and friendship.  We have about 700 regular clients, who all bring their critters in because they know we genuinely care for them.

I can actually say I get to go to work and play today!  How about you?!!!


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