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Bio from 20th Reunion - Update for 40th

Note from Bolivar in October 2012















July 1982 - bio for 20th Reunion

I have lived in seclusion since I began pursuing my career in music in1965.  With my voice and my looks I figured there was no way I could miss, and I was right!  I missed in 1965 as a session musician with a group called “The Detergents” and in 1968 played with “Deep Purple” and the “1910 Fruitgum Company.”  After doing a brief stint with “Led Zeppelin” and getting pretty heavily caught up in the Heavy Metal Rock Movement in 1971, I spent a year, I think, or maybe two in a rehabilitation center in, I was told Birmingham, England, close to where my good friend, Robert Plant’s family lived.  I returned to the states in early 1973 and joined a Midwestern rock band, of which I don’t recall the name.  Not until 1977 did I realize that I played my own Class Reunion in Columbia, Missouri, in July 1973.  Did any of you recognize me?  I have a chronic memory lapse of my life during the early to mid 70’s, after my affiliation with “Led.”  From 1978 to 1982 I got back into the “rock scene” and played with “Judas Priest”, “Iron Maiden” and “Ozzy Osborne” most recently, but the life on the road took its toil and once again I was back where I started, on the bottom.  My most recent failure was not realizing at the time in 1966, that the Synsonic Drums I invented back then would become a musical instrument of the 80’s, or I would have had my invention patented.  Having just had my first operation in February of 1983, I have formed my own group and we begin touring in August 1983, sorry about that, I can’t make the reunion.  It seems to be a little harder becoming a success than I had thought, but I’m happy for all of you.  I will keep in touch, through “CRAZY” CHARLEY, fur shur, and fur shur be at the next reunion, if I become successful.  Please don’t TRY to FIND me anymore, you upset my family severely!  They had forgotten about me.








Update for 40th Reunion

My band folded in 1984 and I spent from the mid 80’s into the early 90’s playing with club bands in bars throughout the Midwest.  In 1992 I went back to school and got my degree in accounting and became a CPA.   I was with Enron until September 1999 and then went to work for WorldCom and was with them until May of 2001.  Since then I have working as a salesperson on the QVC network and sell Viagra without prescription through my private website.

I have every intention of coming to the reunion in October next year, but it just depends on my work schedule, I have not been able to retire yet, like a lot of you have.  Seeing some of the old faces and I do mean Old Faces at the reunion is really going to be a Hoot!  I haven't changed hardly at all, I have only lost about 70 or 80 pounds and all of my hair has either turned gray or turned loose.  I have enclosed a recent picture so you will recognize me at the reunion.








Update for 50th Reunion, November 18, 2012

I decided not to send an update and pictures for our 50th reunion and I told Charley if he put any pictures he took of me on the website I'd come kick his ol' fat ass. I wish he had that damn Nikon up his ass! If you really need to know more about me you can contact my good friend and yours, Charley Blackmore, I still get together with him whenever I am in Columbia and that gossipin' ol' bastard has probably told you everything about me just likes he's told me everything about you, which is why I don't need to come! I can see your damn picture and hear all about you if I care to, which I really don't but Charley's shares all that crap with me every time I stop to see him! You talk about somebody that can easily become obnoxiously  boring, man oh' man, that ol' SOB can still talk your arm & a leg off! I hope you all have fun discussing your most recent surgeries, who gets up to pee the least in the night, whose got the oldest greatgrand kid and the youngest great grandkid, whose been to the most countries and who knows the most about those of us who have better things to do than come to a damn reunion.





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