Carl Meadows - 2003-09-11
Carl Meadows started in the travel business in 1970 as an outside sales representative for a Kansas City travel agency.  He later became Director of Group Sales for one of the largest franchise travel agencies in the USA.  During his career, Carl has owned and operated successful travel agencies, produced national and international conferences and tradeshows, and served as Executive Director of a major international law enforcement association for several years.  Since 1984, Carl and his wife Anne, have owned and operated ETC Services, Inc., a group travel company specializing in international travel, conference and convention meeting planning, and corporate incentive travel.  In 2002, Carl co-founded the Group Travel Business Institute (GTBI) to provide group travel education and information to agencies and agents interested in developing group travel business.  Carl is the author of How to Organize Group Travel for Fun and Profit, is a speaker at many international travel conferences and he also writes travel articles for various travel industry magazines.  Currently, Carl and Anne are happy, healthy and living in Castle Rock, Colorado.

"Kewpie of the Month, April 2001"





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