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Carolyne & Don - adopted daughter & family from Tialand - 2008

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Don & Carolyne Culotti (April 29, 2001)
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Carolyne McIlvain Culotti 2003-08-20

After graduation from Hickman High School I attended M. U. for two years and went to Colorado with Coleen Murphy in the summers.

I met my husband, Gary Baldwin, in Colorado and we were married in December 1966.  We then moved to Portland, Oregon, where he was attending a school of engineering.  I ended up working for a television station through which I started working for a modeling agency.

In January of 1976, we were relocated with Gary’s employer (Reynolds Aluminum) to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  One year later, we adopted our daughter (we waited many years  for).  The call came one day before Christmas.  Christi-Ann is 25 years old now and not married.

In 1984, Reynolds Aluminum closed down in Hot Springs and Gary started working for a new company, TCBY Yogurt that started in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They sent him out to open new stores where he met someone owning five stores and left us.  Christi-Ann was in second grade and Gary gave me enough to open a children’s shop.  We did that for a couple of years and that’s how I met Don Culotti.  We were married ago this past June.  Don then opened a business in Hot Springs.  I was working for The Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat then and I’m still there, now working for Don also.

Come see us in Hot Springs and ride The Belle of Hot Springs!




Update 2008-09-20
Don & I decided to draw our social security and still work doing things we like to do and still live in Hot Springs, Arkansas!



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