Charles McKee - 1963
Bio & Picture from 40th Reunion

Charles E.McKee - 2003-09-14

(Barbara & Charles McKee - June 2002)

I live in San Diego, CA.  I was born on November 23, 1945.  I have been married twice, once for 16 years and current marriage of 11 years.  We have one daughter and three sons, all grown up and we have five grandchildren.  I lived in Los Angeles when I first came to California in 1969.  I later moved to Pasadena, CA and lived there approximately five years then I moved to Altadena, CA for about eight years.  We also lived in Diamond Bar for six months which is about 30 miles from Los Angeles.
I worked for the City of Los Angeles in various depts.  I worked in Building Safety Dept., City Clerk's Office, Legislative Analyst Office of City Council, Community Development Dept., L.A. County Transportation Commission and Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  I retired from the county and city in August 2002.  I recently went back to work for a mortgage company, CountyWideFinancial.  I attended Central Methodist College, Capitol Bus. College and several colleges in Los Angeles areas.  Hobbies are going to movies, play tennis, bowling, and going to the beach.
I was ordained as a pastor in June 1995.  I am currently an associated pastor, at Confirmed Word Faith Center in the San Diego area.
I commuted from San Diego to Los Angeles for approximately 10 years.  I also had the opportunity to minister to hundreds, if not, thousands of people during my commute.
I praise God for my health and continue to grow stronger each day trusting in Him.

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