Connie Bowser - 1962
BIO & Picture from 40th Reunion

Connie Bowser Test - 2003-09-28

I began kindergarten at Ridgeway Elementary in 1950. I still have wonderful memories of so many of my classmates that I went through school with at Jefferson Junior and at Hickman High. I was married the last day of my junior year in 1962 and then moved to Guymon Oklahoma.  Later in 1964, I went back to Hickman High for one semester to receive my diploma.

I had six wonderful children with my husband. Before coming to Portland Oregon, where I have spent the last 28 years, I had lived in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Washington. Although my husband and I divorced in 1978, we remained close friends throughout the years.  I have owned my own cleaning business and have spent the last eight years as a Certified Nurses Aid.  However, I am now a Mortgage Broker and still do some private care on the weekends.

The challenges in life have reinforced my strengths, my faith in God, and my strong values.  One of those challenges was the passing of my ex husband last year in June.   However, my faith in God and the love of my friends and family give me the fortitude to move forward and to strive for my endeavors.

I have been blessed in raising my beautiful six children, and fortunate in seeing and helping to raise my thirteen splendid grandchildren.  I now look forward to helping raise my awesome four great grand children.   I hope that the next forty years will be filled with precious moments and Our 80th Class Reunion.

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