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1963 – 1966
    After graduation I joined the Marine Corp for a 3 year tour and ended up playing in the rice fields for the last ½ of my overseas duty and then finished out my obligation as an M.P. in California

I enrolled at MU in the forestry department and worked at the Ivanhoe restraunt for gas and spending    money.

Fall of 1968
I was temporarly out of school and built houses in the Columbia area.

Fall of 1969
I was back at MU in the forestry program and graduated in 1972 with my B.S. degree

Fall of 1972
I got married and built houses again in the Columbia area while my wife worked on her masters degree in psychology.

Spring of 1973
I worked as an assistant manager at the Hardies Restraunt on Business Loop 70 while my wife finished her Masters Degree.

Summer of 1974 until present
I have worked for the Pesticide and Plant Pest Division of the Michigan Dept. of Agr. as an inspector.  My work consists of checking Trees, Shrubs, and Perennial plants being offered for sale to make sure they are free of harmful insects and diseases.  I also am the Agr. Law enforcement officer in 3 counties, enforcing Agr. Laws on Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Animal Remedies, Medicated Feeds ( under both state laws and federal laws ).  I also do survey work for invasive species of insects and diseases, Gypsy moth control, Christmas tree inspections for shipments out of an area where certain insect problems create a Quarantined area.   I issue Federal Phytosanitary Certificates for exported products and monitor feeds for prohibited animal protein in an effort to help stop the introduction of BSE (Mad Cow Disease) into the beef and dairy industry in Michigan.

My wife and I have 2 daughters, both of them are currently attending Oakland University in Rochester Mich.,   The oldest is doing her student teaching in a middle school this semester and will student teach in a high school next spring. Hopefully she will have her certificate in time for the start of school the fall of 2003.  The youngest daughter is majoring in Business administration and is in her junior year.  The both have their life guard certificates and water safety certifications and work at the pool on campus.

My wife is the head of the Psychology Department at the Caro Regional Center in Caro Michigan.  And has her hands full keeping me out of trouble,  In December of 1999 I had a heart attack while running through the airport in Minneapolis and had my aortic valve replaced with a mechanical valve.  The blood thinners are something else again as cuts do not clot like they use to and a nose bleed will send me to the hospital for treatment.  Bless her heart; she has modified most of her recipes so that they are low fat, low cholesterol, and low sodium, to meet my new diet.

I am still building fly rods, tying flies, fishing for trout whenever I can, and hunting, reloading my own ammunition, and starting my return road to traditional archery (long bow).  I am also into Photography both digital and with 35 mm film, and trying to stay somewhat up to date with the computer generation.

Another shot while visiting @ "Mr. Kewpie's" house at Thanksgiving 2002


Update for 50th Reunion

1963 – 1966 spent in U.S. Marine Corp. 1967 – 1972 went to Mizzou and got my B.S. in Forestry with a minor in Entomology. We got married in 1972 and from 1972 through 1974 I worked as a construction worker and as an assistant manager at a Hardee’s restaurant while my wife finished her Masters in Psychology and Rehab Counseling. In 1974 we moved to Michigan where I spent 31 years as an Inspector for the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and my wife worked as a psychologist for the State of Michigan. I retired in 2005 and my wife retired in 2008, we have been doing some traveling, and taken a few cruises. We enjoy going to Broadway plays in Saginaw and have season tickets to the Symphony.

Our oldest daughter, Heather, teaches Biology, Physical Science, and Physics in a Detroit area middle school. She has two children, a son named Gavin who turned 4 in August of 2011, and a daughter, Gabrielle who was born in May of 2011. Her husband works for Chrysler as an electrical engineer.

Our youngest daughter, Amber, is working as a marketing manager and an event planner for a Detroit law firm and married an investment banker on September 30 2011.

I had a mechanical heart valve put in Jan 1999, and am a member of Trout Unlimited and the Cass City Gun Club. I enjoy drawing with a pencil, hunting, reloading my own ammunition, fly-fishing, rod building, fly tying, boating, canoeing, skiing, camping, and photography. I have been a hunter safety instructor for 15 years and a certified bow hunter safety instructor for the last 8 years.

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