Donna Wayland - 1963
Bio & Pictures from 40th Reunion

Donna Drane Wayland Trice

Class of ‘63


Hello all classmates, really looking forward to our 40th Reunion, we should all really thank Charley!!!
Donna Wayland Trice


Parents Edgar G. Wayland & Ella C. Wayland in San Antonio, Texas, after WWII, while Daddy stationed as “SAC”, Kelley Air Force Field on July 20th, 19-- (same date man walked on the moon, in “The shadow of the Alamo”).


In Columbia, Missouri, after Daddy returned home. (Edgar G. Wayland and Ella C. Wayland) 906 Broad head Street.


West Boulevard School, we were 1st kindergarten class in Columbia. When my Daddy went to school himself. He had waited until I started school before he went to Law School. My uncle Don Owens Wayland who I was named for and my only baby sitter my parents even had for me.


Jefferson Junior High School, Grades: 7th grade to 9th grade.


Hickman High School, Grades: 10th, 11th and 12th and Graduated: 1963


Stephens College, BA
Central Methodist College, BS
University of Missouri (Art) Dual Degree Art and Education
Drury Graduate School MS (Administration)
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Taught school at Lake of the Ozarks returned to Columbia, (after leaving Columbia in 1967) in 1975. Worked for Warren D. Welliver in his Senator Champaign 1975-1977. Warren won election, also worked for my Daddy in his law office at same time.

Met my husband, William Conley Trice and we were married in St. Louis, Missouri on March 18, 1977.

William and I moved to St. Petersburg in late 1983 and love Florida. My Daddy always here for all Christmas plus other Holidays, until sick with Alzheimer’s disease in 1997. (Daddy resides at South Hampton Rest Home in Columbia, Missouri now).

We have really met a large group of excellent people and enjoy Florida. I modeled for several chain stores from 1984 –1989, Dillards, Burdines, Lillie Rubin Etc. “Seagram’s 7” representative for 4 years, which was fun being the “girl” for them. Make-up Artist for the lower part of Florida, for companies: Estee Lauder and Lancôme, traveling the state.

Taught school here in St. Petersburg and now teach Art Classes at chain store all mediums, Dali Museum – Docent, St. Petersburg Garden Club, plus other civic actives.

May 11th, 2002 we had our 25th Wedding Anniversary Reaffirmation. About 150 people attended. Thanks to Charley Blackmore, who did the music (3 CD’s) and they were fantastic. All had a good time until 5:00 am the next morning at restaurant. Where we renewed our vows, dinner and dancing. (Won’t do that again – I was a wreck – but, FUN.)

Had a back surgery in 1989, which really stopped most all of physical activities, but, just glad to be alive and looking forward to seeing faces from 40 years past!!!!!!

You all come,


Bill & Donna Trice December 2002


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