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Douglas S. Miller

Jody and I have been married 41 years as of August 2008. My how time
flies! 45 years since 1963!

Graduated from Mizzou in 1967 and UMKC Dentistry in 1971. Lived,
worked and raised two children in the very nice small town of
Fayette, Missouri for more than 30 years.

We're now living just west of Heber Springs, Arkansas in an area
which is surrounded by a big Ozark lake. Perfect for sailing!

However, work still must be done. So I commute back to Columbia once
a month to work about half time in a group practice. While in
Columbia, I stay with my Mom and Dad. Perhaps you could say, I still
live with my parents! Anyway, it works just fine.

Recently I have really enjoyed the times spent with various Kewpie
classmates. Looking forward to many more.



Jody & Doug at Greers Ferry Lake
in the Arkansas Qzarks, September 2002.

(Click to see Rick, Bill & Doug)

Rick Waggoner, Bill Griffin & Doug (October 2002)
Biographical History

Born: October 26, 1945 in Kansas City, Missouri

Lived in Florida and Louisiana before moving to Columbia in 1948 with parents and younger brother.

Attended Lee and Grant elementary schools; grades 1 - 6 at Grant.

Thoroughly enjoyed Jr. High and especially high school years. Did not participate in school sports, but enjoyed all kinds of water sports and activities. Spent the majority of summers at the lake of the Ozarks. Have had a fantastic group of friends (many lifelong) and acquaintances and great memories from those years. The quality of education at Hickman was superior and helped me prepare for college.

Met Stephens College student, Jody Davis, in 1964. Graduated from Mizzou in 1967 with a degree in math.

Married Jody Davis in August and moved to Kansas City

Graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry in 1971.

OK Charley, Here it is:

1) I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. After a year in Jacksonville, Florida and a year in New Orleans I moved with my family to Columbia in 1948. Went to Lee School for Kindergarten and Grant School for 1-6.

2) Immediately after high school I stayed at home and attended Mizzou, with a degree in 1967.

3) After Mizzou, I attended UMKC in Kansas City, with a DDS in 1971. I practiced dentistry in Fayette and Columbia, while living in Fayette, which was a wonderful experience. Fayette in the 70s, 80s, & 90s was kind of like Columbia in the 50s & 60s on a smaller scale.

4) Yes, I'm still working. After "retiring" in 2010 from long time private practice in Missouri, I began working for a large corporate practice in Arkansas. I fill in occasionally for dentists on leave or vacation. The practice primarily cares for underprivileged children in Jonesboro, Little Rock, Hot Springs, Fort Smith, and Fayetteville.

5) Being semi-retired is great, because on many occasions I get to do the fun things I like to do outside the office. Sailing, photography, travel, reading, walking, music, visual and performing arts. I don't really care too much for sports. I had all of that I needed by my mid 20s.

6) Jody and I met in the spring of 1964 at the Italian Village in Columbia. Jody was a Stephens student. And we were introduced by a friend of John Shepard, who was Jody's suite mate. We have been married 46 years!

7) We have two children. A daughter, Chrys, who lives in Kansas City and has 3 children. A son, Brad, who lives in Columbia and has 3 children also.

8) We have lived in Missouri and, now the last 10 years, in Arkansas. However, we have loved traveling in Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, and England.

9) I would love to take a "slow boat to China" someday. In other words, I would like to cruise on a freighter, and probably not go to China. The only problem, besides money, is that Jody doesn't want to do anything like that. So I'll have to go by myself or get a partner.

10) I was deferred, then never drafted, so I didn't serve in the military.

11) The entire experience of Hickman was good. And I'm certainly old enough that the bad experiences have been long forgotten.

12) My favorite place after school was anyplace outside of town. I loved the country, and still do. We live 5 miles outside a town of 6,000 in the Arkansas Ozarks. On the weekend the favorite place was certainly the Lake of the Ozarks.

13) Sorry, I didn't really have a favorite teacher at Hickman. I was not a very good student until my senior year; then it was a matter of moving on.

14) The person who I have had the most contact with since Hickman is Rick Waggoner. Our parents were great friends. Rick and I met in Kindergarten and have maintained contact all these years.

15) I maintain contact with Jeff Beasley, Bill Ellzey, Larry Lasley, Bill Griffin, Rick Waggoner, George Poehlman, John Modlin, and Mark and Libby Oldham.

16) Most of my stories were about either cars or going to the Lake.

17) I remember living on Anthony Street at about the age of 4 or 5. I remember the houses, the alley, and even a neighbor boy.

18) My biggest accomplishment at Hickman, although I did't realize it at the time, was gaining self confidence. Since Hickman the biggest accomplishment, as well as a lot of fun, was getting my private pilots license in 1977.

19) There wasn't really a lot to remember about me. I was quiet and shy and didn't play sports. I drove an old black Model A Ford with original red wire wheels! Maybe that was something?

20) Miss Nellie Kitchens had a profound effect on my life. She is the perfect example of how someone, so totally unexpected, can make such a difference in another person's life. As a student in her college prep math course (although not the top students' class), she must of had some sense that I could actually do math. Behind that stern persona, she not only boosted my knowledge and abilities, she boosted my confidence! Math was my major in college. Fortunately, she received a direct and personal expression of my gratitude soon after completing my education.

Douglas S Miller
P O Box 1267
Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543

In my dad's Austin Healy, in 1963, in front of Mark Oldham's house


Graduation night with Bill Ellzey, Rick Waggoner,
Larry Lasley, me, and Bill Griffin

 Vicki Vaught's house (1962 Junior Prom?) with Rick Waggoner and George Poehlman.
Notice the enthusiasm!

 Jody and me August 19, 2013. Our 46th wedding Anniversary

Me in 2012 trying to be honest

Me in 2010

Water Skiing 2010-10-26 - 65th

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