Emil Gardner - 1963
BIO & Picture from 40th Reunion


After high school I worked for Mid Mo Mental Health Center.

1969 I was drafted into the army and fought in the Viet Nam war.

1971 I returned to Columbia went back to work at Mid Mo Mental Health Center and was put in the community to set up mental health programs.

1974 Parks and Recreation gave me $35,000.00 to set up programs in the Douglass area.  I hired a director and worked as her advisor in creating recreational programs.  I continued to work at the mental health center as I traveled around to others towns training counselors set up programs in their communities.  I sat on many youth program boards and assisted in the creation of many youth programs.

1978 I moved to California and taught Drug Awareness Class at the Venice High School.  I worked in the town of Venice and on the beach dealing with gang prevention.

1980 I returned to Columbia and went to work for a not for profit agency finding employment and training programs for minorities and did that for 13 years.

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Lillie and Emil; with son, Timothy D. Gardner and daughter, Camela A. Gardner in 1980.


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