Gail Petri - 1963
Bio & Picture from 40th Reunion

BIO: Gail Petri Toedebusch -- 2003-08-06

Graduated from Christian College in 1965 and graduated from University of Missouri in 1967.
Married William H. Toedebusch on August 2, 1969.
Moved to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina and was there for 1 year – the year the “Hippies” came and murdered Capt. Jeffrey McDonald’s wife and daughters – in same housing area in which we lived.
After Vietnam Bill returned healthy in body and spirit.
Daughter Allison born in 1973, six months prior to Bill beginning Med School at U. M. C.  Son John born in 1975.

After Med School moved to Lexington, Kentucky for Bill’s residency in general surgery in 1977.
Found perfect place for practice in Richmond, Indiana in July of 1982.

Filled time early on with “kid things” – PTO, soccer, baseball, piano lessons, etc.  No doubt like everyone else found this a full time occupation!  I volunteered with the Richmon Symphony Orchestra – my fund raising idea on a mystery theme was selected by the American Symphony Orchestra League to be presented at the Annual Convention in New York City.

Later joined the Board of the Whitewater Opera Company for 10 years.  Through the Opera Co. I became part of the group of organizations which through public fund raising created a Performing Arts Center of a little used gymnasium on the High School Campus.  Civic Hall has brought in many well known perfomers:  Hal Holbrook, James Whitmore & Gary Burghoff.  Also present singing groups and traveling musical performances.  The presidency of this board keeps me quite busy.

The kids are quite busy.  Allison is married and has made me a grandmother as of January 8, 2002.  Charley can tell you that is The King’s (Elvis Presley) birthday.  John is working in Denver, Colorado – still unmarried.

That’s about it!  See You in October.......


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