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Gretchen Brunk Armacost - 2003-09-11

Of those who remember me from my years in Columbia, some will probably recall that I did not graduate from Hickman, but left (involuntarily) for California after my Sophomore year.  Although I had not chosen California, I remained there for college and graduate school.  In the early 1970's I headed back east, and found myself in Western Massachusetts, where for some years I helped the heirs of George and Charles Merriam (Merriam-Webster) write dictionaries.  In time I married an excellent husband (David Armacost), who was willing to continue to work hard himself (teaching at Amherst College) while supporting my preference for leisure.  For many years I have not been gainfully employed.   The least unproductive of my slothful hours are spent helping my husband tame our few acres of wilderness and build, of the native stone, monuments to puzzle posterity.

While I was innocently engaged in these useless but harmless occupations, Charley Blackmore tracked me down.  I have not been completely cooperative with him (indeed I'm afraid I'm not even now), but I do appreciate all the work he's put into keeping tabs not only on our own class but on all Kewpies, from the oldest to the youngest.  I'm grateful to him for making it possible for me to learn something more about people whom I'd lost touch with but not forgotten.

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