Jeff Beasley - 1963
BIO & Picture from 40th Reunion


Jeff Beasley - 2003-09-13
Left Columbia after graduating from Univ Mo, BS ChE, in '68. Spent 3 yrs as Engineering Officer in USN -- 2 tours aboard an aircraft carrier in 'nam -- finished at Long Beach Shipyard in '71 where I met my lovely wife of 31 years.

Married with 3 "kids"  now gone, I think.  Ryan 27 in KC - a fire fighter, Kevin, 24 So Cal beach bum I think, and Matthew 21 still stuck in Lodi.

After Navy, Spent 16 years in CA, Illinois and back in Ca in tech sales, product management and sales management with FMC Corp.  Currently in Northern CA, Lockeford (past 15 years) in tech sales and mkt with largest tomato processor in US and World.  Traveled extensively- Asia, Europe, Aust.

To my regret I have visited in past 10 years the Wege and the Toad in FL.  Can't visit again--- not sure we could withstand the punishment.

Found Clif Lines since High School and met him in CO this year -- Motorcycle involvement.  It was great seeing him again.

Currently still working.  Old cars (Have a pristine original "63 Impala"), Motorcycles (BMW's), fly fishing, the "kids", the wife and friends take up my time.  Have enjoyed travelling with "the wife" to Norway, NZ and Mexico with more to come.

Since I'm in the tomato industry in CA I'm restristed to activities during the season " July - Sept".  I'm pleased this reunion in in Oct and am able to attend and look forward to seeing all the friends of the past.

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