Jerry Bishop - 1963
BIO & Picture from 40th Reunion
Current picture & Jerry was 1st to take a crack at answering my 'Memory Book Questionnaire"

1. Current pic only.......

2. My mother moved me to Columbia from San Francisco, Ca. in 6th grade.  Returned there in 1963 mid senior year and graduated from Petaluma High School north of San Francisco

3. Joined the Navy right after graduation.  Enlisted in Columbia and served aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Midway during the Viet Nam conflict.  I was a "green shirt" assigned to the flight deck Catapult and Arresting Gear

4. Attended Los Medanos College, San Francisco State and Santa Rosa Junior College where I  earned an AA degree in Administration of Justice.  My career goal was originally law enforcement. Started out as a private investigator.

 I was hired as a Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff in 1973 then took a position with the Santa Rosa Police   Department in 1976.  In 1978 I made a career change and applied for and was accepted by the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

  I stayed there for 26 years until retirement as a Fire Engineer in 2003.

5 Part time Asst Manager at a Self-Storage Facility (Petaluma Self Storage)

6. Officially retired but see #5

7. Married.  Wife Delia have been together 17 years.  (First marriage (1965-1973)ended in divorce (2 children)

8.7 Children (4 girls, 3 Boys.  First born 1965 - last born 1992.  Grandchildren, also 7 (4 boys 3 girls) last born 2004

9.Traveled to Australia, Japan, Canada and most often to Mexico. 

10. Bucket lists are to fatalistic for me......I want to live a regular life until the clock runs out.  Like to do things on the spur of the moment, travel, fish and watch my grandchildren grow

11. Yes US Navy Active Duty (Jul 1963-July 1967) Viet Nam service 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967.  Lucky for me on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier with 3 hots and a cot.  God bless the foot soldier, they truly carried the burden of a nasty war

12. Remembering our basketball team winning the 62 State Championship.  Hated wearing the sophomore beanies   Loved day dreaming of a date with Pam Chorlton...could never have happened but a boy could dream

13. Playboy Drive in......greasy fries.  Weekends fishing and hunting.  Sneaking out to the Paradise club outside town and seeing great blues groups like early Ike and Tina Turner, John Lee Hooker and the likes.

18.Being from San Francisco......I was excited with my first snow fall........found out what a snow day was.  In San Francisco Fog never closed schools.  First job at  "dog n suds" drive in.  Summers swimming at Hulens lake.  Gene Glenn Shoes, 

    McDonalds 15 cent burgers. Selling Mums at Mizzou Tiger Football games



Jerry "Jerome" Bishop - 2003-09-22

Bio:  Jerome S. Bishop, age 58  Recently retired Fire Engineer for the City of Santa Rosa, CA.  Fire Department  (27 years) Prior to that worked as Deputy Sheriff in Sonoma County California and a Public Safety Officer for the City of Santa Rosa. (5 years)

Three tours in Viet Nam while in US Navy (1965 66 67)

Seven children ages 11 thru 38.

Reside in Petaluma, CA 40 miles north of San Francisco

Sister, Doreen Nichols still resides in Columbia.

Jerry and wife, Delia.

Retirement Picture

Enjoying Retirement

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