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John Douglas - 2003-09-02
After graduating from Mizzou I spent the next 29 years in Dallas, Texas.  During this time I had a
couple of different jobs and a couple of different wives.

Now I am happy to say that I live in Missouri and “all my ex’es live in Texas”!!

I have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law in NYC - very talented but struggling artist and actress.

I moved back to St. Louis 4 years ago and feel it has been probably the best 4 years of my life - closer
to home and family.  Best of all I found the most wonderful soul mate at our last reunion (who would have guessed it??).

I am looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

Sally Orr Bokal - 2003-09-02


Forty years in a brief paragraph - that’s not an easy task for a woman of many words!!!!

These years have been a great journey with just a few speed bumps along the way.  Since finishing Drury I’ve lived in Michigan briefly and then St. Louis - enjoying teaching, enjoying my 4 children, and enjoying my life!

Looking back I can see that it really was for the best that my career hopes as a stripper didn’t work out.  You can imagine the disappointment when I applied for the job as a pole dancer and they offered to hire me as the pole rather than the dancer!!!!!

Since becoming reacquainted at our 35th reunion, John Douglas has moved to St. Louis and it has been a great time!!  What a party favor!!

It will be wonderful to see many of you at the 4Oth! We will miss those of you who can’t make it!!







After only one year as a Kewpie and I have  many of the best memories a person could have.  I left Hickman on to Mizzou for a education and a ’tour of duty’ playing for Dandy Don Devine (as Howard Cosell would call him). After Mizzou I was drafted by Tom Landry to play for the Cowboys. However then Uncle Sam recruited  me for the U.S. Army  and I was off to Viet Nam.  Two years later I returned to” reality” and played for the N.Y. Giants. After football I returned to Dallas with my wife and son .  Later, as a single dad, I was challenged on many occasions, but am delighted at the outcome. I am so proud of my  son, Brian.  He is an artist, Margi, his wife, is an actress and has a palates studio, and my wonderful grandbaby twin boys  live in Brooklyn. In the last 15 years my life has taken great new turns that I could never have imagined.  Sally Orr and I reconnected at our 35th and I moved to St. Louis to date her on a trial basis.  Fifteen  great years later we are still working on that “trial basis” !   We are so excited to see all of you and happy that we are here.







Not being a person of few words ~ summing up 50 years in a paragraph is a huge challenge! I left Hickman and dropped anchor for four years at Drury College. I left Drury with a teaching certificate and headed to the city (STL) for fame and fortune.  So far I am 0 for 2 !  I dropped anchor in St. Louis (Creve Coeur) to share my great knowledge with the 4th graders in Parkway School District.  I met my soon to be husband, married and moved to Flint, Michigan. After 5 years we pulled up anchor from Flint and moved back to STL.   Over the next several years I had 4 absolutely

very normal, middle of the road, well balanced and so delightful kids. Later I went back to teaching in Parkway (elementary). The speed bump at this time was a challenging divorce with valuable outcomes ~ I got full custody of the kids!  Now they have grown in to the most delightful and caring adults ~ I am so glad that I didn’t sell them when I thought I wanted to!!  If you reference John Douglas’ bio you will know that at our 35 reunion, John was my party favor.  He moved from Dallas to STL to “date me”!  Fifteen years later we are still “dating” and delightfully happy ole geezes !  We live in Chesterfield, MO.  I have retired from 30 so happy years of teaching and am loving having time with my kids and friends.  I am campaigning very hard for a grandchild ~ I have even lifted the requirement to got married! Oy VAY !  I so cherish that we can come back together after 50 years !   XOXO


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