Judy Reynolds - 1963
Bio & Picture from 40th Reunion
Updated bio and pictures for 50th Reunion

        Wish I could say I'm lounging on an island in the sunshine with money to burn but I'm currently in snowy, cold Kansas City just as I've been since graduation.  This is not to say I've not traveled some with trips to Europe and Alaska but home base has always been K. C.

        I'm still employed as a Med Tech --- most recently 23 years at St. Joseph Health Center and have watched my co-workers mature with me (most are 50+).  We go with the flow, learning new methods, instrumentation and governmetn regulations.  It's a STAT lab but we old broads manage to keep ahead of ER & the doctors.

On a presonal note, 2002 was eventful with my younger daughter, Kristen having fraternal twins, Payton and Jonas.  They live here so are the "light of my life" but I'm able to tear myself away after 4-5 hours.  They are 10 months old, remember?  They're crawling and very aware of each other and everyone's business.

        My older daughter, Stephanie has two boys and lives near Ashland, MO.  The four of them are busy remodling a house nearly 100 years old.  She additionally works in Jeff City as a Speech Pathologist.

        I divorced Dale aslo in 02 after 37 years and am finding single life interesting to say the least.  I'm looking forward to new challenges in upcoming years and coming back to Hickman's reunions is among them.


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Birthday party in Kindergarten
Front Row: Judy - ? - ? - Mark Oldham
Back Row: ? - Sherry Trower - ? - ? 

From Right: Mark-2nd, Sherry-4th & Judy-5th

Judy - Second Grade

? - Jean Ellen Pace - ? - Caryl Wood - Martha Glascock - ? - Vicki Vaught - ? - Sally Orr
Apron & Overall Day at Jefferson Junior High School (9th grade)

Judy with parents (Mildred & Loren)

Judy with 5th grandchild Daisy - summer 2012





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