Linda Niles - 1962
Bio from 40th Reunion







May 25, 2002
Hello all classmates.  After graduation my mother and brother decided that Christian College(now Columbia College) was the way for me to go.  Having a mind of my own I decided that was not for me, I wanted to look into the world of computing.  I decided to attend a programming school in Kansas City in 1964.  There were 50 of us in that class from all over Missouri,it was tuff.  I made it through and graduated #2 in the class.  I thought, what now.  My plans were to move to San Francisco, my mother said'stick around here and see how it works out,then go'.  My first job was with M.F.A. Oil Company, I stayed 8 years and wanted to move on.  I worked for F.C.C. for 4 years in computing and then went into banking for 8 years in the computing field.  In 1983 the large banks started buying out the small banks, I did not agree to this way of thinking and left the banking industry.  In 1983 I started working with the University of Missouri here in Columbia and am still with them hoping to retire soon.  I love to travel and I love the ocean, I just returned from a cruise in the Caribbean and visting friends in San Francisco.  I have 3 beautiful cats and I love them dearly.  My close friend and housemate is from San Francisco and says that Missouri is a beautiful place to live and loves reading all about the Hickman Kewpies.


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