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Photo taken Christmas 2001...starting from the left we have son Nick (now 22 yrs), son Neal (now 25) Libby, and Mark.
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Mark Oldham and Libby McCluskey Oldham - 2003-08-10

What a shared history!  As some of you may remember, Mark and I have been together since we were in 7th grade.  We married in 1967 after I graduated from Mizzou and I spent the next four years teaching high school French and English while Mark completed his education:  an architecture degree from Kansas University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

We spent the next 22 years in the St. Louis area where Mark worked for several architectural firms.  I spent about half of that time as a stay-at-home mom. It took me until mid-life to figure out that I really wanted to be a school counselor rather than a teacher when I grew up.  Loved the kids; hated the discipline, lesson planning, and paper grading.  I therefore went back to school in my 40’s to get a master’s degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

In 1993, we moved to Rolla, Missouri, hoping for a more peaceful life.  In some ways we have found that; in other ways we miss the city.  I have been in vocational education since we moved here as the regional director for central Missouri of a special program called New Traditions, which helps adult students who have various barriers to success.  Mark was in charge of a branch of a larger engineering and architectural firm and now has his own firm here in Rolla.

Although we married in our early 20’s, we didn’t feel grown up enough to have children until our early 30’s.  We have two sons.  Neal is 25 and has recently completed a bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in accounting.  His goal is to return to the city, so he is currently looking for a job in St. Louis.  Nick is 22 and still has two more years at the University of Memphis where he is majoring in commercial music.

In terms of hobbies, we seem to spend most of our time “fixing things up.”  We are a good team.  Mark designs and builds things; I sew, paint, reupholster, and refinish.  We spent almost 20 of our years in St. Louis gutting and rebuilding our house, doing 90% of the work ourselves.  Mark is currently building a big, beautiful screened porch addition to our house in Rolla.

Although life is never perfect, in general the last 40 years have been good ones for us.  We have two fine sons, we are still perking along, and we are still together. We consider ourselves lucky and remember our years at Hickman HS with fondness.



Mark Oldham and Libby McCluskey Oldham (August 16, 2013)

Dear Classmates,

Some of you may remember that Mark and I met in junior high school and have been together ever since. We got married in 1967 after I graduated from Mizzou with a BS in Education and Mark was still in architecture school at the University of Kansas. I taught high school French and English in Lawrence for two years while Mark completed his bachelor’s degree in architecture and again in suburban Philadelphia while he completed an MBA at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1972, we moved to St. Louis where Mark worked as an architect and I tried to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I found teaching to be too exhausting and stressful, although I enjoyed the students. In 1973, we bought the worst house on a pretty street in University City, one of the older St. Louis suburbs. In 1978 our first son Neal was born and in 1981 our second son Nicholas (Nick) was born. We remodeled our entire house while living in it and raising our two boys, doing 95% of the work ourselves. By the mid-1980’s, it finally dawned on me that I should have been a school counselor rather than a teacher. I therefore enrolled at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and slowly completed an MS in Education with a specialty in school counseling.

In 1992, Mark accepted a position running the Rolla branch of an engineering and architecture firm based in Quincy, Illinois and our family moved to Rolla in 1993. I became the director and counselor for the central Missouri region of New Traditions, a program that helped adult career/technical students who were single parents, displaced homemakers, or in programs nontraditional for their gender. In 2005, I became the counselor for 900-1000 high school and adult students at Rolla Technical Institute and Rolla Technical Center. Mark is now retired, but I am still working and enjoy my very busy job.

Our son Neal is 35 years old and has been married to Kris for two years. He earned a BS in Business with an emphasis in accounting from Columbia College and discovered after working for a few years that he did not like accounting. He has found a good fit in radiology and is licensed to be both an x-ray and an MRI technician. Neal is currently working in the Springfield area as a radiologic technologist with a mobile unit while Kris completes her master’s degree in English and teacher certification at Missouri State University.

Our son Nick loved popular music from an early age and always wanted to be in the business, so he earned a music business degree from the University of Memphis. Unfortunately, his schooling was interrupted when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003. After he recovered from surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, he finished his degree and moved to St. Louis. There he was able to live a fairly normal life for several years. Nick loved working at The Pageant, a concert club, and attending all of the concerts at other venues that he could. In late 2011, the cancer began spreading with a vengeance. Nick fought courageously, but despite more radiation and all possible chemotherapies, he died on November 9, 2012 at the age of 31.

As you can imagine, the last couple of years have been very tough for our family, although Nick always said that good things happened during that time, too. At this point we are bruised and battered as we struggle to learn to live without Nick, but Mark and I are still standing and still together. We are looking forward to seeing all of you who will be attending the reunion in October.

Best wishes to all,

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