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Mimi Thomas Link - 2003-09-19






Daughter Katy, me, my mom (Marianne Thomas), grandaughter Madelyn, daughter Marianne

Hey, does anyone else feel their head and their age are totally out of sync?  Where have the last 40 years gone?  Well, here is my life in a few sentences.  After leaving MU, I married my college sweetheart, Charlie Link.  We spent our first four years of marriage in Madison, Wisconsin where Charlie worked on a Ph.D. and I taught school. We then moved to the east coast where Charlie became a professor at the University of Delaware. I spent the next 15 years as a stay at home mother with our two daughters, Marianne and Katy, who are now 33 and 30.

When the kids grew up a bit, I went back to teaching in our local public school system and am still at it (though beginning to closely resemble some of the old school marms we remember). Retirement is bound to be soon!

Both of our children are now mothers, so our fun is provided by our two little grandchildren.  Madelyn (20 months) and Thomas (one month) come to visit often and we love it.  They wear us out and then go home. Perfect!

I enjoy filling my spare moments with gardening and dancing.  After all of these years, I still have a love of classical ballet and take classes regularly (further evidence that my head has not caught up with my age), and I serve on the board of directors of the local ballet company.  Many a spring Saturday has seen Mimi and friends on the N.J. turnpike headed to New York for a great performance!

My life has been full and good. I hope my Hickman classmates have shared my good fortune.


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