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May 5, 2002
 As I look back on my life, there is very little that I would change both personally and professional. I was involved with starting one of the first Neonatal Intensive Care Programs in the country at LA County USC Medical Center in 1970.  That was both challenging and rewarding. I left clinical medicine in 1980, after publishing a chapter in a Medical text book on Pulmonary Care for the Newborn.  I was the only non-physician contributor, and it won the Medical Text Book of the Year.  I lived on a sailboat for 2 1/2 years and intended to cruise the south pacific for several years.  I moved to Hawaii for that very reason but ended up getting married to an English Windsurfer/photo journalist.  I was in Hawaii for 14 years.  I loved the diversity of the people, the culture, and the weather.  After my husbands' death, I moved back to the mainland to work for a company, that I had represented in Hawaii, as a regional manager. That was in 1994.  Since that time our company has been acquired three times, and I have lived in Dana Point, CA, Boulder,Colorado, and now in a beautiful spot on the Oregon coast called Cannon Beach.  My daughter and three grandkids traveled with me and just purchased a house 8 miles away in Seaside, OR.  My greatest joy is walking my two golden retrievers on the beach each day when I am not traveling for business.  Cannon Beach is a small town, 1300 people, most of which are artists and tree huggers like me.  There are no leash laws so my dogs are happy and free to run and swim to their hearts delight.  I love the ocean, I need to see it and hear it.  I go to sleep listening to the waves and wake up to the sounds of the seagulls.  I am greatful for each day, and try always to live in the moment.  Life has been very good to me, perhaps because I grew up around wonderful people from the class of 1963!


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