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Randall L. Hagan

Randy Hagan was born June 22, 1945, in Columbia, Missouri, son of Melva and Albert Hagan.  He grew up in Columbia and attended D. H. Hickman High School, graduating in 1963, and the University of Missouri, graduating with a B. S. Chemical Engineering in 1967.  Randy attended graduate school at Harvard University receiving a MBA in 1969.

Randy married Juanita “Nita” Roberts in 1971 in Birmingham, Alabama.  One son, John Roberts, is a lawyer practicing in Birmingham.  John is married to Laura and they have two sons, Alex and Zack.  Randy and Nita have lived near Richmond, Virginia, since 1979.

Randy was President of American Filtrona Company in Richmond, a manufacturer of specialty bonded fiber products with sales of over $80 million and 400+ employees until it was sold in 1998.  Previously we lived in Rome, Italy, for 7 years where Randy was Director of Operations, Europe, for Kem Manufacturing Corp., a specialty chemical manufacturer.  Kem had manufacturing in Holland and distribution in Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.  For the last several years Randy has worked with James River Capital Corp., a hedge fund manager with over $3 billion under management, as Director of Institutional Marketing, and is Managing Director of Torch Technologies LLC, a technology venture capital company.  Nita is an interior design consultant.

Randy and Nita live in Goochland County, about 25 miles from Richmond in a semi-rural area.  For several years we raised thoroughbred racing horses but have now reduced the stable to personal riding horses only.  We both enjoy trail riding and foxhunting the beautiful Virginia countryside.  We continue to travel extensively in the USA and internationally.  As often as possible we visit our grandchildren in Alabama and Randy’s family in Missouri.

Both Randy and Nita look forward to attending the 40th reunion at Hickman H.S. this year.

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Nita and me with our grandsons, Alex and Zack.









Biographic outline for Randall L. (Randy) Hagan 11/27/2012

I think of my life in phases.  The first approximately 1/3rd of my life was spent in Columbia, Mo, where my father was a professor of Agricultural Economics and my mother a homemaker (as was still possible in those years).  Hickman HS was a great transition when I, as did most of us, grew up mentally, socially and physically (not so much unfortunately).  It was fully expected that I would attend Missouri University after graduation from Hickman and I did so, graduating in 1967 with a BS in Chemical Engineering.  Then it was away from Columbia toward the rest of my life.


Phase two started at the Harvard Business School in Boston where I actually learned to think in a two-year boot camp for businessmen.  Besides an excellent education I finally got to play competitive football, rugby in this case, and survived in spite of my lack of size, speed or general athletic ability (I actually played for 7 more years for various teams in various places).   I fully expect to go into the military upon graduation as I was in ROTC at MU but was able to defer for grad school.  However, the cut backs in officers after Vietnam peaked plus some historical health issues instead put me in manufacturing in Birmingham, Alabama (the job I could get one month from graduation!).  That job only lasted two years but I was awarded the prize of my life, my wife Nita.  Next stop was Atlanta where I was Director of Operations for a chemical company and Nita taught school.  In 1973 they decided to open an operation in Europe and I was selected as the operational guy to start up manufacturing and support the sales team already there.  So, Nita and I packed up and moved to Rome, Italy for what was supposed to be two years and ended up almost seven. 


During our time in Italy we received the second best prize, unable to have children ourselves, we were blessed when our nephew John came to live with us (and stayed until he left for college at VMI in 1986).  Even though I enjoyed my work and Italy was a great place to live, the time came to return to the USA.  Although I was offered a job in our new parent company, I ended up instead at a fiber manufacturing company in Richmond, Virginia in 1974 and stayed until we sold the company in 1998.  It was a great run in an interesting and technically challenging business that grew nicely in both sales and profits.  We learned to love Richmond during this time and I became addicted to fox hunting, a speed and balance sport that involves horses, hounds, and, of course, foxes.  We had begun riding jumping horses while in Italy but cross-country on a horse at speed is a thrill that is hard to duplicate, except maybe for downhill skiing for which I have limited talent.  Horse riding led to horse properties, raising thoroughbred horses for the track, losing too much money and time, downsizing to our current home with comfortable space for only four horses, two of which are owned by my neighbor—much less stress.  Meanwhile, after the company was sold, I took a job in a related business in Atlanta but after less than a year, Nita and I decided not to move back to the really big city and stayed in Richmond.  In the meantime I started helping two friends with their not so well thought out private equity investments.  This lasted a year or so before the last of the businesses were sold or closed, whereupon they asked if I would stay on to run marketing in their core business, hedge funds.  At that point I was literally tired of manufacturing (supervising large groups of employees actually) and this job proved to be interesting, less stressful, paid enough to keep the lights on, and kept me busy for 10 years.

It is now time to enter the next phase of my life (hopefully not the last phase?).  My father died at age 99 in 2009 but my mother still lives in Columbia at age 95.  John is a successful professional in Birmingham, both as a lawyer and psychologist, who married his high school sweetheart and we have four grandchildren.  I am seriously considering retirement next year and have cut back on my work and my foxhunting, a time consuming sport (perhaps recent rotator cuff surgery from repeated falls had something to do with that!).  We would like to spend more time with the grandkids, for travel and just slowing the pace.  I am really looking forward to our HHS 50th Anniversary next year and hope to see everyone there.


Best regards.  Randy



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