Ricky Waggoner-1963
Bio (Letter) & Picture from the 40th Reunion


Received from Ricky Waggoner February 15, 2003

Hi Charley!

Unable to attend but happy to make a donation with all the work you do, hope everyone in the class donates --

Like everyone else in Naples, Florida, I'm semi-retired - working part-time at a C. P. A. firm.

Deborah & I travel at every opportunity and have been fortunate enough to have seen most of the world.

Basically just trying to stay healthy and enjoy life!

Dad died last year in Columbia and we've had to put mother in a home.

Sold the "Party House Homestead" at 712 Hilltop but in true Kewpie Traditon on the last day of ownership, Doug (Moon) Miller, Billy (The Toad) Griffin and I had a mini party in honor of all the fun times many of the Class of '63 had there -- An Era Passes --

Charley, keep me on the correspondence list - Hello to all my Classmates and thank you for all you do --

Enjoy Everyone
Ricky Waggoner


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