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             With son, Jeff (34)                  With brother, Kenny (1959 Kewpie)
June 2002


Ron Lumb - January 3, 2012

After graduation I went to the University of Missouri and received a Bachelor of Forestry degree from MU and joined the Missouri Department of Conservation in February 1968.

I spent 18 months at Ellington, Missouri, as an Assistant District Forester. I was transferred to Houston, Missouri in 1969 and worked there for five years as Resource Forester, assisting
private landowners with timber management. In 1975 I was transferred to St. Joseph, Missouri to work with rural fire departments on tactics for fighting forest fires and obtaining excess military equipment they could use to fight fires. I left the Missouri Department of Conservation in 1986 to join a lawn care company and develop a tree car division for them. I bought the tree care part of the business in 1988 and have run my own company since then.

I married Nancy Embrey on September 3, 1966. We have two sons; Jeffrey born in 1969 and Bill born in 1973. Jeffrey presented us with 2 granddaughters ages, 14 and 5 and Bill presented us with another granddaughter in 2010.

I have kept in touch with Jesse Yeager, Charley Blackmore and Buddy Lewis.

I have not fully retired but have slowed down what I do. I am working with a young man and we are working on a way for him to buy the business while I keep my hand in the operation.

I still enjoy playing golf. I am not very good but that doesn't bother me I still enjoy it.

We still live in St. Joseph in the home we bought in 1976.

Look forward to seeing people at the 50th reunion.

See Ron's Pictorial History

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