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Bio from 40th Reunion - pictures Clear Lake

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Update for 50th Reunion


From 1983 Memory Book & Directory

I have had a Buddy Holly memorabilia shop in Clear Lake, Iowa, since right after high school.  I always thought Buddy was so cute and I really did dig his songs.  As you know I am still the President of the Lonnie Donegan Fan Club, but I sold my transistor export business in the late 80's to Sony and have not written any songs for Tom Jones since the early 80's.  I am still proud of my "cameo" roles in the American Graffiti movies.
























December 27, 2002

Recently I haven't done too much, just enjoy visiting with all the tourists that come to Clear Lake.  They are still having the annual dance party at "The Surf Ballroom" ever since the first one in 1979.  I get to see a lot of the same people every year and some look forward to seeing what new things I have in my shop.  Two years ago Charley came to "The Winter Dance Party" with his new wife, Karen and I saw them on TV on the local evening news being interviewed.  Later that weekend they stopped in my shop and we had a nice visit.  He gave me some pictures that he took at the crash site, said they walked the whole distance from the road down to where Buddy's plane went down in snow up to two feet in some places.  I added that picture for you to see and some others that Charley took two years ago here in Clear Lake.  It would be great if some of you would come here some year, maybe you could have a reunion here at "The Winter Dance Party."

I plan to be the reunion in October, I will probably be by myself.  I lost my husband 17 years ago and he still hasn't been found.  Looking forward to seeing all of your pretty faces and hearing all of your sucess stories.....

Pictures of Clear Lake, Iowa and the Buddy Holly crash site.

The airport where Buddy's plane took off from and the approximately crash site where his body was found February 3, 1959.

Charley @ the crash site February 3, 2001.

Looking into the town of Clear Lake, Iowa, February 1, 2001.

A view of "The Surf Ballroom" on February 1, 2001 and Karen standing in front of the Surf, the evening of February 3, 2001.

Poster from "Winter Dance Party 2001"






Charley and I keep in touch and occasionally I drop by to see him, I doubt that he has mentioned it to anyone, and that's how I wanted it. He's married again now and his wife is very understanding but I am not sure she knows how deep my feelings are for Charley. I still do some bit parts in TV shows and once in a while a movie, other than that I am retired and live by myself, still haven't found that "Mr. Right" but still lookin'. If you remember me and want to get in touch, please go through Charley.

Thanks and I hope you have a great 50th Reunion. I won't be able to attend, I don't think? I find it hard to plan that far in advance and wouldn't think of send $100.00 a year before the damn reunion, hell, a cruise or something could come up and then I'd lose my $100.00, what the hell is Charley thinkin' tryin' to plan that far in advance...... you few have fun!!!!!!

Rosie....... Oct. 2, 2012









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