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Spring Jenkins Walton - 2006-03-03
My "checkered" career has evolved from high school administrator in central Florida, to college administrator and teacher, with detours into interior design and consulting.  After moving to Baltimore in 1984, and working at the  U. of Md. School of Law and in a law firm, I became intrigued with law and somehow managed to graduate from U. of Md. law school in 1990, as the oldest - and most fatigued - student in my class.  I taught business law and ethics at Gettysburg College, the U. of Md. and the University of Miami.  I now teach online law classes in the distance learning program for the U. of Md., which has the advantage of being a portable job I can do online from anywhere.

I recently moved back to Columbia and am trying to get used to life on my own and to avoid getting lost in the very-changed town. It is great to see old friends and be close to my parents!

I am a wild college football fan (Go 'Noles, Terps, Canes & Tigers!), compulsive needlepointer/knitter/home "re-decorator", fitness fanatic and dog lover.  My fifth poodle, in a line of 4 other long-lived poodles is a standard poodle, Zoe, who is smarter than I.  Having had no children, my dogs are admittedly spoiled.











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