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Suzanne Coday Lippard (September 20, 2013)

We moved to Columbia from Seymour, MO in 1949 when my dad got a job with the Columbia Missourian. I attended Ridgeway through fifth grade and sixth grade at West Boulevard. After graduating from Hickman, I attended Mizzou from fall of 1963 through the fall of 1965. I began working full time at the Law School Library at Mizzou in 1966 until 1969. In the fall of 1969, I moved to Fayetteville, AR to work at the U of A Law School library where I met my ex-husband. We married in 1970 after he graduated from law school and moved to Booneville, AR, where he set up his law practice and we raised our family.

We had three daughters: Lisa, born in 1972; Laura, born in 1973; and Lesley, born in 1975. I finished my degree commuting to ArkansasTech University and began teaching English, Spanish, Speech, and Journalism in Magazine, AR--a very small school, but I loved it. Divorced in 1984 and eventually moved back to Columbia, MO in late 1989 to help take care of elderly parents.

Upon returning to Columbia, I began working as a cataloguer at Ellis Library on the Mizzou campus where I still work! Plan to retire at the end of 2014! Still love my job and working!

My daughters are all in Arkansas: Fayetteville, Centerton (Bentonville walmart country), and Maumelle (basically Little Rock). I have four grandsons and a granddaughter and four granddogs! Really did enjoy my years in Arkansas, so will move back there when I retire. Yes, I have a family of razorbacks and have to admit I have called the hogs a time or two or a lot! Always will be a Mizzou fan, so now that we are in the SEC, those inevitable AR vs MO games will be interesting to say the least.

Having grown up in an academic community, living in a small town in Arkansas was real culture shock for me. However, I grew to love it dearly, and as much as I love Columbia, I do still miss my small town in Arkansas. Will miss seeing my fellow '63 classmates, but will be in Arkansas. Hope everyone has a fabulous time at the Reunion!!

The "Kids" — with Suzanne Coday Lippard,
Tom Coday (by Suzanne) and Carla Coday Haggard (far right)

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