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Bio & Pictures from 40th Reunion


BIO - Tammy Anne (Page) Ray

Born:  San Antonio, Texas (left there at 6 weeks for Minnesota)
Places lived:  Minnesota (Mankato, Minneapolis, Savage, Park Rapids) -- Columbia, Missouri; Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia; Akron, Ohio; Bainbridge, Maryland; Lemoore California; Sedalia & Blackburn, Missouri; Salida & Poncha Springs, Colorado
Early Influences:  My mother & father divorced when I was 14 or 15 & mostly I lived with my grandmother, aunt & uncle.  My mother was seriously ill all her life and my brother & sisters and I were only able to live with her sporadically.  Due to this I was more insecure and self conscious than I might have been.
Education:  I graduated Hickman, spent a short time in the Navy, went through cosmetology school and passed State Boards, took 1 college level course in geology.
Hobbies:  I love to read which has probably been a life saver.  I do some easier word puzzles and enjoy game shows.  Used to love fishing but have gotten away from it in the past several years.
Occupations:  RAISED 5 KIDS!  Worked in a photo developing shop, worked at Banquet Foods in Sedalia, Missouri and worked as a prep cook at a truck stop for 12 years.

Johnny & Tammy - May 2003

Note from Tammy to Classmates


    Time passes so quickly and I do have some fond memories of events & definitely people.  It doesn't seem possible 40 years have already come and gone.  To fill you in on events at our end:  Johnny & I will celebrate 33 years together in July.  We've lived here in a small town in Colorado since May 1980.  We have a son with wife and 3 children in Missouri; a son with wife and child in Kansas(Army); a daughter with husband and child in New York; a son with 2 children in Pueblo, Colorado; an adopted daughter with 4 children in Alamosa, Colorado; twin sons; one in Buena Vista, Colorado with wife and 5 stepchildren and the other son is here in Poncha.  Our youngest just turned 31 in December.  We lead a pretty quiet life for the most part and that suits us.  My husband is disabled and I stay home with him-which works for us.  In September 2001, I had a blood clot pass through a lung and go into my leg.  Spent 4 days in the hospital and while there also discovered I'm a diabetic.  Outside of that and all the wonderful (?) aches & of the "Golden Years" (?), I'm doing pretty well.
    My life as a whole has had its ups and downs but all the good and bad have worked together to make me what I am---a happy person (with a few quirks), a loved wife & mother and a respected person in the community with more than a fair amount of good friends.  I feel I've been very blessed, thank God.  I won't be able to attend the reunion, but my thoughts will be with all of you in October. 

Yours faithfully,
Tammy Ray
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