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Valerie "Vicki" Vaught Brown


It has been some time since I updated my bio – much has happened.  My daughter, Lisa, now 37, received her Master’s degree in Counseling and is now working in LA evaluating clients needing special mental health attention.  She still lives in Santa Monica and continues to look for the right man to start a family.  Mom and Dad are still “tracking” as Dad refers to it – living on County Club Drive and enjoying the life of church activities and golf – and of course fishing for Dad.  Julie and David are fine and filled with family experiences of their own – We try to get together every Christmas in Columbia.

I bought a house in Kenwood California in 1995, just 8 miles from Sonoma, on a creek – far from the madding crowd – a wonderful retreat.  Almost got married in 2002, but alas the feet got cold.  But who knows what the wind will blow my way.

I was term-limited out of the California State Assembly, after serving 3 terms, and left politics all together for the simpler life – consulting.  Actually a much more lucrative life as well – managed to run a successful firm until a seat was vacated on the Board of Supervisors in Sonoma County in May 2002.  In August I was appointed by the Governor and ran for office in November winning by a substantial margin.  Thus I am back in the political arena and actually loving the challenge and the ability to serve and stay closer to home instead of traveling to Sacramento.

Being an elected official has brought me much pleasure and a few rather scathing articles from the press – my newest commitment is to begin to represent California counties on the National Association of Counties (NACo) and as the circle closes the newest President of NACo is none other than Karen Miller, Commissioner from Boone County, Missouri.

Val Brown 2003-06-30




My answers to Charley's 20 Questons!

What I need for the Virtual Memory Book from you:


1) Pictures; at least one old picture from high school and a current picture of yourself And any other pictures; as many as you want to send of you and your family.

Pictures taken from grade school through Hickman HS would be exceptional KooL!!!!!


2) Something about your origin; why, when and how you wound up in Columbia and where you came from if not born in Columbia


3) What did you do immediately after you left high school in 1963 and where did you go if you left Columbia?


4) Tell me about your education and what your profession is or how you acquired your occupation and something about it


5) Are you still working and if so what are you doing?


6) Are you retired and what are you doing/have done since you retired? How long have you been retired?


7) Are you married? Who are you married to? Who are you divorced from? How did you meet your spouse or partner; where and when? How long have you been married?


8) How many children do you have? When was your first child born? When was your last child born? How many grandchildren do you have and when was the oldest one born?


9)What countries have you spent time in other than on business? What countries have you lived in outside the US?


10) Tell me what's on your 'Bucket List' and tell what you have and haven't done so far.


11) Are you a veteran and if so where and when you served our country?


12) What is the most vivid memory you have from Hickman High School? What is worst memory? What is your best memory?


13) What was your favorite place to go after school or on weekends in Columbia when attending Hickman?


14) Who was your favorite teacher at Hickman? Who would you like to see the most from the Hickman faculty?


15) What person from our class have you stayed in closest contact with since you left Hickman?


16) Are you still in touch with 6 or more of our classmates and if so give me their name and their email, address and phone number?


17) Tell me something that you have told one of your children or grandchildren that was something you learned or did at Hickman?


18) Share any memory you have of your earliest recollections of places, people or things in Columbia?


19) What was your biggest accomplishment before you graduated from Hickman High School and what has been your biggest accomplishment since you graduated from Hickman until now?


20) What do you think classmates will remember the most about you the at the 50th reunion?



1. Please use my HS yearbook picture….I don’t have it

2. My parents moved our family to Columbia in 1957 when I was starting at Jeff Junior. I arrived wearing pigtails and maryjane shoes….my close friends still remember that sight. My Dad had accepted a job in Jefferson City managing all the wildlife areas in Missouri with the Conservation Commission.

3. After I left HS I entered the University of Missouri, living at home the first year and then moving into the Gamma Phi Beta house.

4. I got my degree in Secondary Education from MU then a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lindenwood. I taught for several years in St. Louis, 7th grade at Ritenour Junior High, then moved to California. My goal was to get my PHD in Psychology, but after I received my Marriage and Therapy License, decided to practice counseling until I got my advanced degree – along the way I moved to Sonoma, California, got involved in running for office and have serviced the public for 21 years.

5. I am still working as a County Supervisor, an elected position I have held for 10 years. Supervisors in California are like elected Commissioners in other states. I will retire at the end of the year.

6. Above

7. I have not been married since 1972, oh my that is a long time. I was married several times and still looking.

8. I have one gorgeous daughter, Lisa, who is 46 and lives in Santa Monica California. Unfortunately she has not found the man of her dreams yet, but still looking.

9. I have never lived outside the US, but have traveled extensively: China, Morocco, Korea, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Austria, India, Australia, most of the Eastern Block countries. I have traveled for pleasure and through my job, presenting papers on sustainability projects in Sonoma County.

10. There are still places I’d like to visit – Greek Islands, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, Spain, Portugal and actually anyplace, near water and warm…oh the Seychelles and Marquesas would be great too.

11. No, but very very supportive

12. My HS days were fabulous, beautiful memories of rich experiences with people I am still close with today. In fact travel with 6 of my HS girl friends every year for a week. Oh the stories we tell.

13. Anyplace where there were French fries and a coke.

14. Helen D. Williams, and Mrs. McTurnan… who taught me to understand the power of many people speaking with one voice and the other Shakespeare and the value of reading.
15. The Picnic Gang and Charley – we email frequently sometimes many times a week and value the shared stories of our families.

16. You know them well

17. When my daughter was in HS I told her to get involved in everything she could, the relationships you build and what you learn from each group will be valued for a lifetime.

18. The Drive-a-teria, Hickman, Hulen’s Lake, Stephens Lake, The quarry, Great old cars, Gaye Burtons convertible, downtown Columbia, rivalries between Hickman and Jeff City, GAA, Missouri River Bottoms, Cosmo Park, the strip pits

19. National Honor Society and Verse Choir –being appointed by President Obama to a National Prevention Strategy Advisory Council and winning all my elections, since 1990 – all 10 of them for City Council, State Legislature, National Association of Counties and County Supervisor

20. That I am still tall – and really haven’t changed that much.




Valerie Brown was appointed by the Governor of California to serve as First District County Supervisor for the County of Sonoma in 2002 and was elected to that position in 2004 and 2008. Supervisor Brown was elected Vice President of the US National Association of Counties (NACo) in August 2006 and served as President of the US National Association of Counties from July of 2009 – July 2010. NACo is an organization that represents more than 2600 counties across the United States and participates in policy discussions at the national level.

Supervisor Brown, through her NACO Presidential Initiative, led the effort in counties nationwide for health care reform. Her agenda was built around developing healthy communities. As a County Supervisor, Valerie initiated a coordinated County program to make County lands available for community gardens, and to farmers and ranchers to ensure access to local healthy food.

As County Supervisor Valerie’s roles include: Director of the Sonoma County Water Agency, a wholesale water supplier for 600,000 people in Northern California, Commissioner with the San Francisco Bay Conservation Development Commission, Director of the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, Director on the Sonoma/Marin Area Rail Transit Board and Executive Committee of the California State Association of Counties.

In 2010 Valerie was appointed by President Barach Obama to the National Prevention Advisory Council to oversee through the Affordable Care Act provisions dealing with prevention and wellness. She was one of 20 chosen from over 2000 applicants. She is the only local government representative on the council.

Supervisor Brown received a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and English at the University of Missouri in 1972 and earned a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lindenwood College, Missouri. She served as a City Council member and Mayor for the City of Sonoma, California and was served in the California State Assembly from 1992-1998. While in the Assembly Supervisor Brown served as Chair of the Governmental Organization Committee and of the Budget Sub-committee for Health and Human Services.

In 2010, Supervisor Brown was selected County Official of the Year by Public CEO and Leader of the Year by California Women Lead.

Valerie lives in Kenwood, California.

Valerie Brown

Vicki and her mom


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