'65 Kewpies 'Get Together' to honor their fallen classmates from Vietnam, plan this as annual event!

In Loving Memory of:


Larry Coleman - Dan Heibel

Steve Irvin - Dale Jackson


These four military veterans: Ron Blacklock, Carl Smith, Eddie Breedlove & Gary Blackmore, from the "class of 65" - recently shared breakfast and some comradery - before going to the cemetery to pay their respects to our four classmates that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we might enjoy the freedom we so cherish today.

We are going to make this an annual event and would like more from our class to participate - especially those that served in the military - but not necessarily just those.

Anyone from our class would be more than welcome - please contact Gary Blackmore (thegeebees@gmail.com).

We would love to have you join us in honoring these heroes who were our friends and classmates when we were all growing up.......


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