Hello Kewpie!

I am not good at short emails or conversations, as you know, and especially at this time! Please humor me and give it a read! This is important information for the future of “Kewpies of David H. Hickman High School.”

First if you are one of the ‘Great Kewpies’ who have already made a donation or donations to the ‘kewpie.net Scholarship’; thank you, thank you very much! You can see the details of what you are responsible for making happen at this link, so far. http://www.kewpie.net/FinalThankYou.html

Now assuming you looked at this link; here is the second part of my email. Again I need your help! If you have already made a donation, I hope you will do so again and if you haven’t, I hope you will give it some serious consideration.

The Class of 2013 was the fifth class to receive the two annual $1,000.00 kewpie.net Scholarships. Therefore, $10,000.00 has been spent of the $43,638.44 that has been donated. I didn’t realize that the money wasn’t being invested by Hickman High School, who you have been making your checks out to for the last several years. There has been no significant interest earned on that money and the balance is roughly $34,000.00. That money has been moved to the “Community Foundation of Central Missouri” and I hope you will look them up and see what good things can be accomplished by moving our money to them.

By moving the money, our $34,000.00, to the Community Foundation and if we can raise another $6,000.00 by the end of the summer, that $40,000.00 will endow the two $1,000.00 scholarships that are presently being paid for with the money donated to the ‘kewpie.net Scholarship.’ Once the total reaches $40,000.00, all additional money raised will be used to increase the size of the scholarships or increase the number of scholarships given to each Hickman Kewpie graduating class.

I plan to start off this new and improved ‘kewpie.net Scholarship’ Fund Raising event by donating $1,000.00 and hope that I can count on you to help me.

DO NOT make your check to Hickman High School!!!!! Please make your check payable to “Community Foundation of Central Missouri” and enter “kewpie.net Scholarship Fund” on the memo line of your check. Mail the check to: Community Foundation of Central Missouri, P.O. Box 6015, Columbia, MO 65205-6015. You can now make a donation with your credit card at; https://gkccfonlinedonations.org/give/kewp00.asp and it will be a tax-deductible donation. You will receive a ‘thank you’ and tax receipt for your donation, which did not happen before. I will be able to track your donation through the Community Foundation of Central Missouri and I will give recognition to all donations on the scholarship page of www.kewpie.net as I have always done since the scholarship started.

However there is one change “IF YOU WANT YOUR DONATION MADE AS A MEMORIAL ON THE WEBPAGE, YOU MUST MAIL THE CHECK TO ME (make it payable to the Community Foundation of Central Missouri) with the MEMORIAL INFO or SEND THE MEMORIAL INFO TO ME and send your check on to the Community Foundation of Central Missouri.

I am really excited about this new change! Not only will it be a little less work and bookkeeping for me (sorry Mr. Thomas) but once you look over what the Community Foundation of Central Missouri is all about, you will see that we are doing the right thing to get the biggest “bang for our buck!”

The Community Foundation of Central Missouri is 501 (c)(3) compliant. As always; if you have any questions, you can email me or call me. Email, charley@kewpie.net or Call: 573-442-1873 (noon – midnight) any day.


With the Greatest of Kewpish Regards,



Charley Blackmore, Owner/webmaster; www.kewpie.net

2312 Deer Creek Ct

Columbia MO 65201-3564





Community Foundation of Central Missouri

PO Box 6015 

Columbia, MO 65205-6015



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