Hickman High School Beanies

Hopefully this will clear up the ongoing search for clarification of "when the beanies were worn at our alma mater, David Henry Hickman High School."

The information below was added to kewpie.net about 10 years ago and later archived but a trace still remained by a Google Search.

It is now officially updated as of August 6, 2016 and all doubts and confusion have been resolved.

The "beanies" started at HHS in 1947 when they were donned by the Class of 1950 their sophomore year and they were last worn in 1960 during the sophomore year of my class, the Class of 1963.

There ya have it, they were worn for 14 years and by the Kewpie classes of 1950 - 1963

Below is from the archived page of about 2006 and has been updated.

This explanation of the "beanie wearing, which was the initiation required for acceptance in the Kewpie Kingdom and rules for wearing the beloved BEANIE" were provided by my classmate, Kay Wade. She passed away June 15, 2006, less than three years after our 40th reunion.

I found this with the things she had saved from her days at Hickman.

This is the first of, hopefully many things, which will be added to this webpage
for your enjoyment, from the archives of those of us who attended
"David H. Hickman High School" in its early years!
Scroll down and enjoy.

That "beanie" became part of our wardrobe for over a month, when I was 15 years old and a sophomore at HHS
I can now say, 56 years later, "It was an honor to have been the last Kewpie class
to participate in such a historic event that lasted fourteen years!"
The only thing about me now that's exactly as it was when I was 15,
is that I look just as stupid in a beanie now as I did then and I'd put it on for a month or two again,
just to avoid becoming a Hornet, a Pirate, a Bulldog, a Tiger, a Lion or a JAY!

From Charley's Archives

I retrieved this from a mailbox on I-70 Dr NW in the mid 70s

West Boulevard Scout Troop, summer of 1958.
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