Larry Bedford
July 2005 "Kewpie of the Month"

Class of 1963
Music has always been a large part of my life.  Music couldn’t be avoided even if I had
wanted – my father taught organ at Christian (Columbia) College and played the
Sunday services for First Christian Church at 10th and Walnut; my mother
earned a masters in music from KU – and then there’s Rock and Roll, blues,
and jazz that always filled my life.  Providing music entertainment both on the radio
and as a fellow musician occupied much of my life for most of the 60’s and 70’s.

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Jane Cunningham ('63) and I really had a great time each Saturday night co-hosting “Spin and Chin” Live from the Pla-Boy Drive-In on KFRU radio.  During the week fellow Kewpies would give us their requests for music and dedications to play on the Saturday show.  We remember the guys in their Chevys and Hemi’s just waiting until Jane and I were on a live cut-away to do a fine “burn-out” on the driveway at Pla–Boy for all of Columbia to hear over the radio!



Mentors of mine thru the 60’s were

Ross Dickerson('57) – jazz/rock guitarist
and Willie Craig – keyboardist with the

 "Krazy Kats"



These artists played regularly at Jim Romano’s dad's place - Romano's lounge, below Romano's Bowling Alley at Hitt & Broadway
and at Gaye Burton’s (’63) dad’s place – The Den, on Cherry Street, just around the corner from the Hall Theater and Bouches.



I would be remiss to not mention Frankie Williams, Jr. (’62)
who could play about any instrument placed in front of him!


Along the way it was an experience learning from and working with many musicians that attended Hickman.  Jerry Benedict (’64) who has jazz and blues drumming running through his veins, Jeff Glenn (‘65) our rock drummer, Bill Ballew (’63) with his fine Fender fret-work, and my keyboard played as the "Love Lights."


Later, as the "Down Beats", Chellie Shelburne (’65) whose father managed the Tiger Hotel gave us our first public appearance in ’63 at the Tiger Hotel ballroom,
after backing up Pat Eng, Jerome Mathis, Mark Holsinger, Charley Blackmore and Richard Wilson on (Kewpie Line) to the tune of the Beach Boys' hit "409” for Homecoming assembly.


David Akin('69)Steve Brooks (’70)
Bill Merideth (’69)
David Miller (’69) Mike Smarr (’69)
and I were the "Box Lunch" from ’69 to ‘70.


I worked with the "Comic Book Society" from ’70 until ’72.

Rodney Southard (‘69) Danny Jacobs (’69) Glen Golson (’68)
 David Edmondson (‘67) Mike Edwards (’68)
and we played favorites byThree Dog Night, Chicago, Steppenwolf, Santana, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Wayne Cochran, Clarence Carter, Spirit, Etta James, Smith and many others.
We played at the Corn Crib, Stephens College, the Black and Gold, Ron’s Town House every summer at Lake of the Ozarks, and pool parties at Gate House Apartments, all great venues.
As Charley can attest, listening to or providing music for others is one of the most satisfying pastimes anyone can enjoy.
Larry Bedford (May 2005)


Comic Book Society @ Ron's Town House, Lake of the Ozarks - 1970

Larry Bedford - Glen Golson - Danny Jacobs - Rodney Southard - Mike Edwards

Dave Edmondson - Mike Edwards

Glen Golson - Larry Bedford

The Comic Book Society
Rodney Southard
Dave Edmondson-Mike Edwards-Glen Golson
Danny Jacobs
Larry Bedford

Larry Bedford - Danny Jacobs


Sharon & Larry at Annual Class of 1963 Picnic
@ Rock Quarry Park, June 26, 2004
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