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Hello Kewpie Classmate,

Thanks for coming to! I hope you will give me a few minutes and let me give you a little explanation of what is all about. 

I started, have owned and maintained since October 1998. Some would say I am the webmaster, whatever that means. is for all Kewpie Classmates; anyone who was a Kewpie, could have been or should have been a Kewpie of any class at David Henry Hickman High School. In October of 2008 I took on the responsibility of establishing two scholarships. To start 2011, I decided to make parts of the webpage exclusive to those 246 Kewpies who have been supporting the scholarships. I still provide the webpage free, but to show my appreciation to those supporters of the ‘ Scholarship’ and the 'Charley Blackmore's Class of '63 Scholarship' who make a $50.00 or more donation, I provide them with a "User name and Password" to access the parts I have set aside especially for them. 


Yes there have been some changes made at and I apologize for the inconvenience but your previously issued User name and Password (imaXXqp and 539743) can no longer be used. Let me explain! I will attempt to make this to the point and answer all questions whatever they might be. 


1st and most important thing you need to do, if you haven't already, is go to and register. The info you submit remains in my database and will be given to NO ONE except a recognized chairperson or reunion committee member during preparation for your class reunion. It must be kept up to date by you in order to assure that you are notified of all reunions.


2nd look around and enjoy as much of the webpage as you can. Try the musical collages of all the music from you high school years as you look through the senior pictures from your Cresset at Look over the scholarship pages at; for all Kewpies and for members of my class, and see who is supporting the scholarships.


I hope you will enjoy and appreciate the webpage and show your support by making a donation to one of the scholarships. Once you make the  *minimum donation you will receive a User name and Password so you too can access the special parts of the webpage enjoyed by other generous Kewpies.


In order for your donation to be used as tax deductible it must be made by check, made payable to Hickman High School and mailed to me for webpage recognition. If you don’t need you donation to be tax deductible it can be made on line through my PayPal account at


When you mail your check to me (address at bottom) make it payable to Hickman High School and please include; the scholarship you choose, your name when you attended Hickman, year of your class, your phone number and email, in case I need to contact you, if you use PayPal please email this info to me.


Below are the options for a donation that will hopefully work for you and make my records keeping as simple as possible.

Donation options:

*Minimum - $50.00 – enjoy special features of for two years from date I receive donation

(based on the average donation right now being $128.48)

$100.00 – enjoy special features of for five years from date I receive donation

$250.00 – enjoy special features of for life, yours or mine whichever ends first

Remember this is a donation to the scholarship and not a user's fee! Any and all donations have been and will continue to be appreciated. A $50.00 donation is not required unless you desire to have access to the 'special features' of 


You will receive a “User name” and “Password” by email as soon as I can get it to you after I receive your donation.

See the special parts set aside for scholarship supporters at this complete explanation of the changes to kewpie.netat do appreciate your patience, understanding and support!


As of April 11, 2011, since the changes occurred on January 11, 2011, I have received almost $3,000.00 in donations. You know who you are and thank you! Between the two scholarships we have raised over $39,000.00 and given $6,000.00 in scholarships! I am very proud of you for helping me do this! Thank you, thank you very much!


With Kewpish Regard,



Charley Blackmore

Kewpie Classmates

2312 Deer Creek Ct

Columbia MO  65201-3564


If you have questions call me after 10:00 AM until midnight!


I hope you will step up for your alma mater and make a donation at one of the links below:

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