was created in 1909 and celebrated its
100 birthday in 2009.

Some time in December of 1913, The Kewpie became
the mascot of Columbia High School, which became
David Henry Hickman High School in 1927.
In less than six months the Kewpie will celebrate its 100th birthday!
Do what you can to promote the magnificent "Kewpie Doll" and explain to everyone you encounter the significance of that precious phenomenon of which about 37,000 graduates of Columbia & Hickman High School have that prestigious honor
of being known as "Kewpies"!
More info on things going on or going wrong!
Interview with "Mr. Kewpie"
More of the story about the Columbia Hickman Kewpie


Check out this story from "The Legacy" Online News from the Purple and Gold

Why is everyone talking about the yearbook?

Stephanie Briedwell, Reporter
May 16, 2013 • 2,760 views
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The 100th edition of Hickman’s Cresset was released this week; its theme was ‘rekewperate’ and a day after its release was nearly recalled and reprinted.


A recall and pasting a label to correct something in the yearbook of Hickman High School, "The Cresset", but why fool with insignificant mistakes, like the wrong volume number for 61 years!

Above comment from "The Legacy" referring to this Cresset of 2013 as the 100th edition is incorrect! The Cresset published its 1st edition in 1912, so the recent edition for the Class of 2013, is the 102nd edition of the Cresset. The Cresset published in 2011 was the 100th Cresset published and it was labeled as Volume 99. In 1921 the Cresset was correctly labeled as Volume 10 and no "Volume Number" appeared on a Cresset again until 1952, when it was labeled incorrectly as Volume 40, when it was actually the 41st Volume. Through 2012 the Cresset Staff of Hickman High School has incorrectly numbered the Cresset. Now in 2013 they must have attempted to correct that error but rather than moving it up they moved it back and lost another year. Therefore Hickman High School now has two Volumes for the 100th year, that being 2012 & 2013, but neither are correct. As a matter of fact Hickman High School has failed to get the "Volume Number" correct on the famous annual since 1921.


In addition to the unusual system of number the yearbooks at Hickman High School the school celebrated it's "75th Year of Excellence" in the Cresset with the Class of 2003, when in fact that was attained the year before with the Class of 2002, it being the 75th class to graduate from HHS.


But just as a side note; Hickman High School has more Presidential Scholars than any school in the country. It's a shame, but apparently none of them were ever on the Cresset Staff.


The Class of 2013 was the 86th class to graduate from Hickman High School and the Class of 2027 with be the 100th class to graduate from HHS. Let’s hope they don’t miss another centennial moment!


Oops….. we have honored the great “Kewpie Doll” as our mascot for Columbia & David Henry Hickman High School since, sometime in December of 1913 and yes you are counting along with me here, right? And that’s right this Class of 2013, was the 100th class to have that cute little “Kewpie Doll” as its mascot. Did we miss that celebration or will the celebration be on the actual birthday in December of 2013? After all this is the most honored and respected ‘naked baby’ on the planet we are talking about here, the “Hickman Kewpie!”

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