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2011-01-21 - Thank you for all you have done on This year marked my 20 year reunion as a graduate of 1990…and I really enjoyed being able to look back at the old Cresset pictures since almost all of my yearbooks were destroyed in a basement flood. While I am unable at this time to donate to the Kewpie Scholarship fund to be able to see the old pics, I just wanted to say it was fun while it lasted… Thank you for all you do for not only the alumni, but for future Kewpies.
You can now see them for free as well as your entire Cresset @

2009-06-19 - Tom Wood, son of Ruth Shaw, Class of 1933
See picture of the Class of 1933 at their 25th Reunion in 1958 and comments from Tom.

2009-01-04 - Jim (Little Blackie) Morris - Class of 1969 
The amount of time time you have on this site is remarkable. The more I go thru the site the more I am impressed. Thanks for your dedication!

2008-12-29 - April Galbreath - Class of 1988 
This website has kept me up on the great memories I had with my fellow classmates as well as the current game schedules and new developments.  It's been a great place to come and find out about upcoming reunions as well as to know the ones we've unfortunately lost, but will remember.  Thanks again for all of your work to continue to keep this the center of "Kewpie" communication!

2008-07-24 - Martha McCune - Class of 1971 
I found two members of my class on your website last winter and e-mailed them. We all met together in Columbia in June and caught up on news for a soft drink. It would not have been possible without your website. 37 years is a long time, but we had a great time connecting.

2008-06-21 - Ginny Barnds - Class of 1960 
You have a wonderful website and thank you to the birthday song, how cute it was and it is always nice to be remembered, Thanks Charley

2008-06-21 - John Whipple - Class of 1968 
Charley,  Thanks fo much for taking the time and effort to develope and maintain this website. I am so glad you do this because it has provided a means for me to get info and connection for the upcoming class reunion.  Hope to meet you sometime.

2008-03-14 - Phyllis Ravenscraft - Class of 1967 
Charlie, Wonderful job!!!!  Your website is fun and a great way for all Kewpie's to keep in touch.  Thanks!!!!

2007-09-03 - Rachel Zemmer - Class of 1974 
I only went to Hickman for sophomore and junior year, and went to Rock Bridge in my senior year, the first year it opened in the 1973-74 academic year.  I was a bit of an outsider, but have always felt curious about what happened to the people I grew up with. I moved to Minnesota about 30 years ago.  Thank you Charley.  You are a true historian and I deeply appreciate your painstaking efforts to satisfy that curiosity.

2007-04-05 - Shirley Allen - Class of 1952 
Well, Charley, who ever you are, it was nice of you ( even sweet of you ) to acknowledge my birthday.  My years at Hickman were brief, and not so treasured, since I would rather have been in Fort Worth where it had been lots more fun, mainly because I was sort of focused on boys and there were so many more in Texas, but it got me through high school and on to Stephens, where I learned about learning.   For me, it was kind of embarrassing to be a Kewpie.  Somehow, I never embraced the idea.  But for those of you for whom HHS was THE high school, I appreciate the sentiment.

2006-11-30 - Rich Diehl - Class of 1984 
Charley has done a wonderful job with this webpage.  Through it, I have been able to keep in touch with friends from the "old days".  The tie the webpage has provided to my classmates has helped to keep me in touch with my past and helps to guide me in the future.  Excellent job.

2006-01-11 - Wes Cox - Class of 1985 
Charley, I don't know you but this is great.  Thank you.  It brought back a flood of memories for me personally.  I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  The dedication isn't clear if you were married, but it is clear you were very close.  It looks like you've found a good creative outlet.  Very nice.  I've never been to a reunion, but thanks to your web site, travel arrangements permitting, I will probably attend the next one.

2006-01-11 - Marjorie Lines - Class of 1959 
Great job with the web site! Great 45th pictures for the class of 1959!!!!Absolutely perfect music! I loved it all, but who in the **** are all those people?

2006-01-11 - Jerry Koch - Class of 1959 
The reunion layout with the slide show was great.

2006-01-26 - Tracy Kinsey - Class of 1987 
I find this site an answer to a prayer. I no longer live in Missouri and wanted to get into contact with some old friends. This site has helped me to do that and I'm so greatful!! Thank you, Charlie!!!

2006-02-15 - Linda Loy - Class of 1964 
Charlie, I really appreciate what you have done and are doing.  I have enjoyed reviewing all the songs, slideshows etc.  not only from my years but my brothers, Willis and Ken.  Thanks.

2006-02-18 - Lloyd Allen - Class of 1946 
Great Web-site. Thanks for putting it together!


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Hi Charles Taylor Blackmore,

{That’s a nice picture of you in the HHS 1963 yearbook.  I just wanted to tell you that I think what you’ve done with the Hickman High School web site is very impressive.   I hope that the people who benefit from your efforts appreciate all the work it took to do what you’ve accomplished.  And that’s from one Systems Analyst to another.}

Thanks to you, I found (and now have a printout of) my mother’s Senior Picture from HHS.  That picture didn’t exist in my family album until today.  Thank you so much!

This all started because I ran across an “old” picture in a box in my garage today.  It took a minute, but then I realized it must be a picture taken at my mother’s 25th Hickman High School Reunion.  I’d never seen it before, but I remembered that about the same time I graduated from Paris High School (1958), my mother planned for weeks to go to her 25th HHS reunion.  She came back delighted that she’d gone.  Everyone had changed, but they were all better friends than they had been in high school.  I did a count, and (barring miscounts), 56 of the original 172 classmates attended.

My mother [Ruth (Marie) Shaw - “Red”] was born in May 1914, graduated from HHS in 1933, married in Feb 1939 [becoming Ruth (Shaw) Wood, after marrying Charles Thomas Wood] gave birth to me [Thomas Shaw Wood] in Sep 1940, attended her 25th HHS Reunion in 1958, and died of complications from diabetes in Oct 1970, at age 56.  Of course there’s a whole lot more to her life than that, but that’s enough for now.  She’s the woman in the Reunion picture fifth from the right, on the next-to-back row, wearing a necklace.  I also marked the margins of the picture with four black lines – line up the left and right marks to define the vertical location, and the top and bottom lines to define the horizontal location.  The woman in the crosshairs is my mother. 

I’ve attached both my mother’s Senior picture from 1933 (thanks to you), and the picture of her 25th  Hickman High School Reunion in 1958 (for you).

Thanks for doing what you’re doing, and for talking with me this afternoon.

Tom Wood

PS: My mother’s older sister, Mildred Shaw, Class of 1927, also had the nickname “Red.”


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