What I need for the Virtual Memory Book from you: "This is all I am asking you to do for me." Thanks! Email or Mail to me!


Send Pictures; at least one old picture from high school and a current picture of yourself.
And any other pictures; as many as you want to send of you and your family.
Pictures taken from grade school through Hickman HS would be exceptionally KooL and would be great for the Slideshow!!!!!

1) What is your origin; why, when and how did you wound up in Columbia and where did you come from if you were not born in Columbia?

2) What did you do immediately after you left high school in 1963 and where did you go if you left Columbia?

3) Where did you get your education (other than HHS) and what is your profession or how did you acquire your occupation and what was or is it?

4) Are you still working and if so what are you doing?

5) Are you retired and what are you doing or what have you done since you retired? How long have you been retired?

6) Are you married? Who are you married to? Who are you divorced from? How did you meet your spouse or partner; where and when? How long have you been married? Or how many times have you been married and/or divorced?

7) How many children do you have? When was your first child born? When was your last child born? How many grandchildren do you have and when was the oldest and the youngest one born?

8) What countries have you spent time in other than on business? What countries have you lived in outside the US?

9) What's on your 'Bucket List' and what have you done and haven't done so far?

10) Are you a veteran and if so where and when did you serve our country?

11) What is the best memory you have from Hickman High School? What is your worst memory from HHS?

12) What was your favorite place to go after school or on weekends in Columbia when attending Hickman?

13) Who was your favorite teacher at Hickman? Who would you like to see the most from the Hickman faculty and why?

14) What person from our class have you stayed in closest contact with since you left Hickman other than your wife or husband?

15) Which '63 Kewpies are you in touch with?  Please give me their name and their email, address and phone number?

16) Tell me something that you have told one of your children or grandchildren that was something you learned or did at Hickman?

17) What are the earliest memories you have of places, people or things in Columbia?

18) What was your biggest accomplishment while at Hickman High School and what has been your biggest accomplishment since you
graduated from Hickman until now?

19) What do you think classmates will remember the most about you when they see you at the 50th reunion?


20) Did any teacher from Hickman High School have an effect on your life and how?

Thanks! I do appreciate your help!
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