Charley Blackmore has done a huge service to every attendee, faculty, and administrator of Hickman High School of Columbia, MO by posting every yearbook and much, much more on his website https://mrkewpie.zenfolio.com/. And many other projects and stories fill the hour.


Charley Blackmore came to Columbia, MO in 1955 entering the 5th grade. He graduated from Hickman in 1963 and 40 years or so later was given the name, Mr. Kewpie, due to his amazing digital work to showcase his alma mater from every angle imaginable. Charley is a story teller and gives the background to how the Kewpie became the mascot for Hickman among many other stories. I graduated there the year before so we had many common threads to talk about. Charley was also a letter carrier, Tribune carrier, and DJ in Columbia for nearly 40 years.