Dale Pyatt, is a great Kewpie and has been a dear friend now for many years. Dale is a '79 Kewpie who was in the 1st class at Hickman that I DJed for when I began DJing.... Since they graduated, I have DJed at some of their reunions or attended and I hope to attend their 40th next year and be there with my buddy, Dale.....! Right now Dale, like many other Kewpies is fighting the big "C" and to add to his problems, singer/songwriters don't carry a lot of insurance so anything we can do to help Dale I know he will appreciate.

Dale has a webpage where you can sample his music and purchase CDs, which will certainly help Dale. http://dalepyattmusic.com/

Dale wrote and recorded the song "Columbia" which I put to a musical video slideshow. Click on Columbia link and give it a look or download it. I recently reloaded "Columbia" to YouTube after it original received about 10,000 views.

I certainly appreciate you taking the time to come to this link and for anything you can do to help Dale, I am grateful!

If you are interested in sending financial support for Dale, please come back to this page in a day or two and I will have address information for you!

Thanks for your twenty years of supporting me and "The Kewpie Gathering Place"

Charley Blackmore
Owner and webmaster of www.kewpie.net since Oct 1998.