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Hello Kewpie

Yes you can now view your entire Cresset from (cover to cover) on line for free, that's as in, doesn't cost you a cent, the rides on me, my nickel, so you again get the free ride, ain't that what its all about? You  really are getting something for nothing and it's not the usual, some gimmick with strings attached it literally is free. (See details)

Why, because since I put www.kewpie.net online in October of 1998; I have heard many stories from Kewpies or friends or family of Kewpies inquiring about Cressets. There are Kewpies who never had a Cresset because they couldn't afford to buy one. Some Kewpies had the misfortune to have a house fire and lost everything including their Cresset or Cressets. Others had a flood or a leaking basement destroy their Cresset. And their have been cases of an ex that destroyed a Cresset or two. Whatever the reason that existed prior to now that you couldn't see your Cresset anymore is over, every single Cresset is now online. But the future is not to print a big book to have to store anymore! Technologically we are going to the smallest possible screen to display media that you can put in your pocket or the largest possible screen you can get in your house and now you can look at your Cresset on both! 

To view all 100 of the Cressets from 1912 - 2014 go to  http://mrkewpie.zenfolio.com/f793867. The images can be viewed on any device that has internet service but the images cannot be copied or printed from this website. I hope you enjoy your Cresset or Cressets online and do call or email; charley@kewpie.net if you have an questions about viewing.

I must again say thanks to those special Kewpies who donated Cressets to my collection or loaned me better copies to scan than what I found to make this whole project happen.

Please see list of those GREAT KEWPIES!

With Kewpish Regards,

Charley Blackmore
2312 Deer Creek Ct
Columbia MO 65201

kewpie.net supporter,

This message will be too long by the opinion of most, but I do hope you will humor me and read to the end, as I have several things I want to bring to your attention, and foremost, “thank you” for you continued support. Without you this webpage wouldn’t have endured and I couldn’t have stuck with it if not for the encouragement that came through your support.

You received information from me in January about parts of the webpage being reserved especially for you to show my appreciation to you and all those who made a donation of $50.00 or who had already made one. That generated close to $3,000.00 in new and additional donations. Again I must say “thank you!” I said at that time I would be changing the Password monthly however several Kewpies expressed their feelings and said it’s hard enough to remember one without it changing every month. And that’s the reason it hasn’t changed and I am announcing with this email, THERE WILL NO LONGER BE A PASSWORD FOR ANY PART OF THE WEBSITE FOR ANYONE! 

Next I want you to know about the scanning project I started January 28, 2011 and worked on every day until May 13, 2011 and then resumed on May 25th and spent two more days. I don’t know if you are aware that the University of Missouri now has a ‘Digital Library’ and they store many publications on the internet, including the 112 volumes of their annual, the Savitar, (1894 – 2005). The Savitar has not been printed since 2005.The University of Missouri also scanned the annuals for University Lab School, but ol’ HHS wasn’t so lucky. I enquired and found that the person who ran the project was a Kewpie alum and I was able to find out that there were no funds available or grants to do such a project for Hickman High School. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right…. The MU staff gave me a price and said they could do it as they did the Savitar with optical character scanning and a searchable database for $75,000.00 or a scan without a database for about $25,000.00 and they could have it done in one year from my delivery of the Cressets to them. That wouldn’t have been easy because I actually now own copies of 98 of the 100 Cressets (1912 -2014) and was planning to borrow the other 16 Cressets. January 28, 2011, I said what the heck bought an Epson GT-20000 scanner and set myself a goal to have the project completed by the first week of June of 2011 by HHS graduation. Oops, they decided to have graduation on May 21, 2011. Anyway to get to the point, I averaged 9.6 hours per day for a total of 106 days of work between January 28th and May 26th. I took off a week for a trip for my birthday from May 16th – May 21st. Overall I spent a total of 1023 hours scanning approximately 18,938 pages, Photoshop-ing and digitally splicing pages together, etc.  The results don’t equal the Savitar of MU, but I think it turned out pretty good considering the level of my expertise. You can judge for yourself when you take a look.

Each of the Cressets are now scanned and archived in duplicate in TIFF format on two, one terabyte hard drives. They were not scanned for the purpose of duplicating the printed versions but for digital viewing. I created a Power Point of each individual book, a copy of the same in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and also used Adobe Photoshop to render a 1920 X 1200 pixel image of each final TIFF in jpg format for PC or MAC. 

With receipt of this email you will be able to view 100 years of the Columbia/Hickman High School annual, the Cresset from 1912 – 2011 on my Zenfolio webpage at no cost to you. This will be for viewing only but the webpage runs a full screen slideshow that is really slick if you have high-speed internet. 

I am available by phone from 11:00 am to midnight any day of the week or by email at charley@kewpie.net if you have questions about viewing. To view any of the Cressets go to http://mrkewpie.zenfolio.com/f793867 and select the year you want to view. To view in full screen mode, select Slideshow at the top right of the page and you will have a ‘play bar’ at the bottom of the screen for manual manipulation of the pages. Let me know if you have questions and don’t forget how much I appreciate your support!

This is the ‘Centennial Year of the Kewpie annual, The Cresset.” The first school annual was published in 1912 by Columbia High School and named the 'Cresset'. It has carried that name ever since. The 'Cresset' was the annual for Columbia High School for 16 years; from 1912 - 1927 and then carried over to the new 'David Henry Hickman High School' in 1927 and was the annual for the Hickman first graduating class, the Class of '28. This year's graduating class of Hickman High School was the 84th class at Hickman High School to have an annual published under the name of the 'Cresset'. Thus being the 100th year of the Cresset!

Go Kewpies!
With Kewpish Regard,

Charley Blackmore
Kewpie Classmates
2312 Deer Creek Ct
Columbia MO  65201-3564


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Donated Cressets to my collection: 
Lorene Minor - Class of 1927 
Laura Woods - Class of 1928 
Frances Semon - Class of 1935 
Sam Belcher - Class of 1936 
Jeanne Taylor - Class of 1940
Jane Carroll - Class of 1942 
Letha Mae Elder - Class of 1944 
Larry Woods - Class of 1947 
Shirley Allen - Class of 1952 
Danny MacLeod - Class of 1953 
Phyllis Barton - Class of 1957 
Leslie Woods - Class of 1973 
Annie Gibbs - Class of 1975 
Cynde Schwartz - Class of 1979 
Alan Mueller - Class of 1980 
Marla Jackson - Class of 1982 
Rob Blackmore - Class of 1986 
Melissa Blackmore - Class of 1990 
Meghan Lambert - Class of 2004
Bill & Janna Knowles - Kewpie Friends

Loaned Cressets to me for scanning: 
Etta May Graves - Class of 1928 
Dell Lane - Class of 1935 
Waldo Cole - Class of 1937 
Raymond Brady - Class of 1940 
Ruth Royston - Class of 1941 
Doris  Todd - Class of 1943 
Earl Smarr - Class of 1946 
 Barbara Sutton Baker - Class of 1950 
Nancy Kidwell Burkett - Class of 1954 
Betty Lewis Slate - Class of 1956 
Valerie Sapp - 1975 
Jack Batterson - Class of 1979 
Sheryl Beuer - Class of 1984 
Chris Scheske - Class of 1986 
Adam Patchett - Class of 1998 
Meghan Lambert - Class of 2004 
Sharon Dothage of Hickman High School 

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