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Assistant principal chosen to head Hickman High School, 2014

20 Under 40: Eric Johnson/Columbia Business Times

Mister Kewpie & Mighty Kewp, the new mascots of HHS


June 8, 2015
Last week I had the opportunity to meet Eric for lunch and visit! I am looking forward to our next visit and I must say I am a believer in the great things I have been hearing about this man. First I had to look at him with some serious skepticism since I heard this guy 'has no Kewpie family history' and was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Well, you know I was impressed or I wouldn't bother to be letting you know my opinion! But as you know my opinion is just my opinion, but this man makes me really feel good about the future of Hickman High School, the Kewpie Spirit not just being continued but being stimulated even more and GREAT things in store for FUTURE KEWPIES! I will let you know right now if Eric bleeds it's very likely he will bleed PURPLE, this man is into the Kewpie Spirit and Hickman High School and understands why we are so proud to have attended HHS and will forever be Kewpies!

Back a few days before I met Eric I received an email from a dear friend I went to HHS with and it contained a poem her daughter shared with her who is a teacher at Hickman. I read this poem, as I hope you will do and it can be seen "by clicking here"...... When you finish reading it ask yourself if you don't think the same as I did before I met the author, "this man must be a plagiarist!" I had to meet the man who wrote this poem, that I wish I could have written and signed my name at the bottom..... It is an unbelievable characterization of what being a Kewpie has been about for 101 years and this young man has learned so much in such a short time! I am so proud to know he is Hickman High School's principal and I think you know how many great Kewpies I know and you can quote me; "Eric Johnson is as close to being a Kewpie as it is possible to be without having been a student himself!" I color this man PURPLE & GOLD!

Please give this poem a read!

Charley Blackmore, aka. "Mr. Kewpie"
The Kewpie Gathering Place, Since October 1998

May 22, 2016
"Eric Johnson is pushing the limits of history and tradition, by being on the verge of becoming the best principal ever to rein over the Kewpies at HHS! And I believe he is most assuredly the right person for the job at this moment!"



We are… Numerous years, countless semesters,

And thousands of people worth of excellence.

We are Hickman!




We are the Columbia community… A pillar standing tall.

Generations of family memories-- lived, remembered, recounted and passed down.

That same familial spirit permeates within our school walls.

We ARE…Hickman


We are The Great Depression conquerors…

World War II vets and Vietnam Hawks and Doves,

We are pacifists, Civil Rights activists…Resistors.

Freedom fighters and freedom riders…

We ARE… Hickman


We are Senior Heaven descend-ers,

Junior class represent-ers,

Soft-spoken, beanie totin’ sophomores,

And Now…freshmen who knock on opportunity’s door.

We ARE… Hickman


We are Jay Stompin’, Bruin’ bustin’, Spartan slayin’… Babies.

We are Kewpies.

A unique mascot to represent a unique entity

Because We are Hickman!


We stand in the rain at Alumni Stadium to support and cheer for our team.

We are Hickman.

We’ll be the Dawg Pound Order, Kewpie Krazies, and Super Fans until we die.

We’re “Go Purple, Go Gold”

And  “Strawberry Shortcake, Gooseberry Pie.”

We ARE… Hickman



We are integrationists…(Rest in peace Dr. Battle)

Our racial, ethnic, religious, economic and intellectual diversity…

A beautiful part of our story.

We hail from many countries, speak various languages, And our differences...

A mosaic of shining glory…

We ARE… Hickman


We are artists, poets, performers, and musicians.

Skaters, debaters, future business leaders, politicians.

We ARE… Hickman


We’re heterosexual and LGBT in our sexuality… and we embrace it.

What makes Hickman, Hickman are the people

And nothing can replace that.

We ARE…Hickman


WE ARE…Excellence

We are Presidential Scholars…The most of any school in the nation.

We are National Merit finalists,

Siemens scholarship recipients,

And we are countless “perfect thirty-sixes” on the A.C.T.

We ARE…Hickman


We are imperfect and recognize that every day is a day to grow.

We bring our shortcomings to the light and work hard to improve,

Because that’s what separates the great schools from the good schools.

We ARE…Hickman


We are the embodiment of determination and the face of resilience.

We are gritty and perseverant. Incessant in our quest for success

We are not perfect, but WE ARE, HICKMAN!


We are our teachers and we are our students…United

We are life-long learners and life-long friends.

Once a Kewpie, Always a Kewpie

Our motto shall always stand!




~Eric L. Johnson, (August 2014)

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