Hello Kewpie Classmate,                                                                                                                                                           2022-02-11

When you register at www.kewpie.net all the information you submit, goes into my database.  If your class has a designated chairperson, who has email, it is then forwarded to them.  If I have not been able to locate a chairperson for your class, I retain the information you submit in my database until I locate a chairperson.  When you class is ready to start putting their reunion together they can contact me for all of the information that has been submitted.  It is vital that you come back and update your information anytime it changes in order for your class to be able to get information to you regarding your reunion.  If you have found out about your class reunion through this website, then it is working and it becomes even more meaningful.

Thank you for your support of www.kewpie.net.  My goal since starting www.kewpie.net in October of 1998 has remained the same.  That goal is to bring as many Kewpies together as possible and to help get the information about “Class Reunions” to as many Kewpies as I can.

Creating this website and maintaining it has been very enjoyable work and it is unbelievable how many Kewpies I have met.  The cooperation and appreciation for the website has been overwhelming.

Just so you can rest assured, none of the information you submit to me on this webpage is ever given to anyone except the designated chairperson of your class for the purpose of reunions and get-togethers.  If anyone should contact me, regarding your whereabouts, I will contact you and give you the information to contact them at your discretion.

Your continued support is a necessity for this website to endure.  There are presently over 5,706 Kewpies registered at www.kewpie.net.  There are 40,477 in my database for the 125 classes (1897 through 2021) that have attended Columbia High School and David H. Hickman High School.  My new goal  is to get 10,000 Kewpies registered.  Please do what you can to make this happen.  Your support is always appreciated and thanks again if you made donation!

PLEASE REMEMBER!  This website is for classmates, not just alumni.  If you were a part of any class
that attended Hickman High School you are welcome to register and join us at Kewpie Classmates!

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