Wedding Planning Questionnaire
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Your Name 
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City, State & Zip Code 
Home Phone Number 
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Location of Reception 
Date & Time 
Bride  Age 

Groom  Age 
ENTRANCE ANNOUNCEMENT (Bride & Groom: Mr. & Mrs?) Please Specify
Maid of Honor 
Best Man 
Mother of Bride 
Father of Bride 
Mother of Groom 
Father of Groom 
If you desire to have any others in the wedding party introuduced please list their names

Bridal Toast
If desired please specify when and who will give the toast and if you would like them announced

If there will be a prayer prior to meal, please give name of person offfering prayer if you would like it announced

Cake Cutting
If you would like this announced, when will cake cutting be? (Give Details)

SPECIAL DANCES (Give Song Title)

Bride & Groom
Father & Daughter
Bridal Party
Mother & Son
Dollar Dance

Do you want the bouquet toss and garter toss announced and if so do you desire specific music for this? 

Music (Bouquet Toss)
Music (Garter Toss)

Please include a detailed list of songs (by title and artist) you would like played during the reception.... (both for background and dancing) be as specific as you can.......
This will be finalized during consultation, no later than 30 days prior to the reception.

Thanks for selecting me as DJ for your wedding reception.
Please give me a call to set up consultation to go over your reception details.

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"Thanks for Selecting Me as Your DJ!"

A consultation is required no later than thirty days in advance of your reception.
All details and music selection must be completed thirty days prior your reception.
If for any reason this is not possible, it must be approved thirty days prior to your reception.

A $200.00 nonrefundable deposit is
required for booking.

If you call and miss me, please leave a message or send an email, with a number and time you can be reached.  I will be happy to call you back to initiate a contract or answer your questions.
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