Jeanne Taylor, Class of 1940, is June 2004, "Kewpie of the Month"

JEANNE BARR (from the 1963 Cresset)
Latin, English II and III, Publications University of Missouri, B.A. In Ed., M.A. In Spanish
Sponsor:  Cresset, Latin Club and Quill & Scroll
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Jeanne Barr & Lola Hawkins from the 1972 Cresset
Jeanne Taylor Barr graduated from Hickman with the class of 1940 and earned her teaching degree from the University of Missouri.  The circle was completed in 1960 when she returned to Hickman to teach Spanish, Latin, and sponsor the Cresset.  She taught at Hickman for 19 years.  Her four children also graduated from Hickman during the 1960’s.  Vernon Barr, Jeanne's husband, also taught in the Columbia school system for many years as an Elementary School science teacher.  Retired from teaching for many years now, they have been active in the community as volunteers for the Columbia Audubon Society, Rock Bridge Park, and numerous other organizations.

Four children, three grandchildren, and two great grandchildren later, they are still together and will celebrate their 60th anniversary July 6, 2004.  Though they met at a dance class they never did learn to dance together.

They met at a dance class at the Student Union in 1942.  She was a local girl, a 1940 Hickman graduate studying to be a teacher.  He was an Aggie, headed for the army.  She wanted to meet a farm boy with red hair; he wanted to meet a farm girl who was good looking and a good cook.  She hesitated to have him walk her home afterward.  She was working her way through college and “home” was the Boone County jail where she earned her tuition money cooking for the inmates.  But, she liked this red head and decided to give him “the test” – would she scare him off taking him to the jail?  He didn’t run, and the friendship continued after he left for flight school.  They were married July 6, 1944, in Los Angles on his three-day pass from the army.

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The Barrs' Celebrated their 60th Anniversary July 2, 2004

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