Two thousand nine is a very good year for
David Henry Hickman High School
Rose O'Neill
(June 25, 1874 - April 6, 1944) - The Art of Rose O'Neill - Bonniebrook & Kewpiesta 2010 Pics - Slideshow
Bonniebrook Historical Society Newsletter - Vol 51 No. 2 Summer 2022
113 Years since Rose created the Kewpie
1909 - 2022
Kewpies go to Kewpiesta - Mr. Kewpie goes to Kewpiesta

108 Years Since the Kewpie Became Mascot for

Columbia High School (Hickman High School)  1914 - 2022
In the early 60's Sam Church told his great niece the story of how the
"Kewpie" became the mascot of Columbia High School in 1914 and
in 2009 Lucy Church told me that story!
This story and video is owned by Charley Blackmore and not to be reproduced or reprinted without permission. or 573-808-5314 (after noon until midnight)

Sam Church, 1914 Kewpie "Kewpie of the Century"
1914 Basketball Team was 1st to win a State Championship for Columbia High School

The Missouri State Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inducted Coach Jim McLeod, October 25, 2009.
McLeod coached the last State Basketball Championship for Hickman High School in 1962.

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