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Louisiana Alumni & Friends Newsletter - August 2022 - Vol 14, Issue 1
LOUISIANA HS CLASS OF 1963  - 50th Reunion was Oct 19, 2013
(See pictures by Charley) - Who attended.....
Saturday afternoon reception, at Karl & Tina Dewey's
and dinner at the Bella Fringento Ristorante
 in Louisiana.
THANKS, Karl & Tina!
If your location information (address, phone & email) has changed since
the 40th Reunion in 2003, please update by sending email to:
If you have time, please update your Life Story/Bio and New and/or Old pictures to your page on the Class of 1963
Virtual Memory Book & Directory, by going to this link and please email the info & pics to charley@kewpie.net
See pictures from the 40th Reunion at 'The Eagle's Nest' October 17 - 19, 2003

Memorial of the Class of 1963 - LOST LIST, Please Help! - '63 Memory Book/Directory
Please Click to Register - Snapshots (OLD & NEW) - Sketches by Lee Roy Sevier
15th Reunion - Arnold Zaeske - Details from 40th Reunion & The Numbers from the 40th
Coleen Rose Clemons has a book, "A Fishing Net" check it out!  
For any additional information, contact:
*****Charley Blackmore  2312 Deer Creek Ct  Columbia MO  65201-3564*****
Call/Text: 573-808-5314 - email: charley@kewpie.net  
Louisiana's Annual  Colorfest is still a good reason to come home to Louisiana, Missouri.

















'63 Classmates in attendance
Bill Bass
Charley Blackmore
Bob Campbell
Suanne Collier
Randy DeVerger
Karl Dewey
Will Fox
Bart Griffith
Mike Griffith
Jerry Robinson
Colleen Rose
Jean Ann Shields
Jan Thomas

Carroll Griffith and Junior Laffterty
said they would attend but didn't make it to the reunion.