Lost Classmates of the Class of 1963 of Louisiana High School

Allison, Jeanne Daugherty, Cheryl McClerry, Howard Scranton, Janet
Atwell, Rhonda Dawson, Herbert Miller, Gloria Seasforf, Kathleen
Bates, Barbara Douglas, Charles Minor, James Skinner, Johnny
Bolton, Ilah (Burke) Douglas, George Mitchell, Helen Smith, Bette
Bowman, Barbara Ellis, Robert  Niffen, Darlene Stonebreaker, Loretta
Caldwell, Leroy Fuget, Joyce Pearl, Louise Weathers, Albert
Calhoun, Juanita Greenlee, Veronica Remmert, Billy Wenzel, Pete
Chandler, David Hunt, Kenneth Richards, Morris  
Clark, Bobby Kerley, James Roickenbaugh, Christopher   
Collins,Dorothy Lankford, Carolyn Sandaker, Joan  

Some of these classmates might not have graduated or even attended LHS, but were a part of the Class of 1963,

at some point during our years together and we'd like to see them again!
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